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About Tillamook Strawberry

Tillamook Strawberry is a popular Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. Tillamook Strawberry is a result of AlphaKronik Genes crossbreeding the ever-popular Bruce Banner with the sweet and tasty Gobstopper. Although AlphaKronik Genes describes the strain as being a diesel-lover’s dream, Tillamook Strawberry is a great daytime smoke for any cannabis user out there. Although CBD test data is not available for this strain, the data available to the public shows that Tillamook Strawberry has an incredibly high average THC level of 26%, sometimes testing over 27%.

Out of the packaging, Tillamook Strawberry is sure to impress. The first thing you’ll likely notice is the fruity, sweet aroma of berries with a strong undertone of diesel. Expect Tillamook's Strawberry buds to be dense, not-quite-round turquoise nugs. In addition to mixes of blues and greens, expect the bud to have bright orange hairs and a coating of frosty off-white trichomes. The aroma of the bud is exceeded in quality only by the taste of the smoke when burning Tillamook Strawberry. A creamy blend of berries, earth, and diesel will blanket your palate and likely leave you wanting another hit immediately after exhaling.

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Because Tillamook Strawberry only leans slightly towards Sativa-dominance, the high is very mellow and only slightly off-balanced. It’s popular amongst many cannabis patients and consumers who believe it to be as close to a perfect hybrid experience as you can get. Tillamook Strawberry is also popular amongst growers, who like it for its higher than average yield for a Sativa-dominant hybrid. Couple an incredibly high yield with an indoor flowering period of just 9 weeks and you’ve got yourself a great beginner plant.

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At the onset of the high, a wave of euphoria and energy wash over the user, leaving you feeling incredibly focused and motivated. At the same time, a creeping sedative feeling spreads throughout your torso and limbs, down to your toes. As you’re hastily drawn towards relaxation, your mind can expand past the boundaries of the physical barriers of your medical ailments. Be it chronic stress, depression, anxiety, or even physical pains, Tillamook Strawberry will allow you to relax physically and flex your mental muscles. It’s recommended to use Tillamook Strawberry during the day, as it allows you to work, do homework, chores, and much more without having an incredibly strong, sedative body high. Some cannabis patients who suffer from extreme forms of PTSD and anxiety have noted that although Tillamook Strawberry leans towards Sativa-dominance, Tillamook Strawberry does not exacerbate anxious feelings, rather, it provides a calming relaxation that some SSRIs and benzos cannot provide.

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July 2, 2021

Charles Daniel Lanier

I use for medicinal purposes to treat symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, depression and Bipolar. 1st The aroma put's me in a diff place. I love to shut my eyes, picture that old gas station in the midst of a strawberry field. Tap, Tap the grinder goes, like the bell at the gas station ringing, as a vehicle pulls to the pump. The vehicle needs a service as, the heavy gas smell rises from the grinded flower. Service the vehicle and, load it up with fuel while, admiring the glittered trichome paintjob. Now that the work is done, sit back as, the vehicle fires up. Inhale. Taste the strawberries. Breath deeper, the strawberry fades to the back as the vehicles fumes take over. The engine gets red hot, you get a full draw of gas & chemicals from American muscle paired with the sweet undertone of those strawberries. Immediately a tingle hits the brain. There is a fast uplift then, a BURST of rhythmic waves that are euphoric and uplifting in nature. Then, that vehicle rolls into the sunset, as deep relaxation rolls over your body. The tension just starts dripping to the floor leaving the body relaxed but, not fatigued. Zero anxiety/paranoia. A little sleepy or lazy if I happen to take too much. It also helps stimulate my appetite at times but, that effect doesn't usually set in for me until several hours after dosing. I will always try to keep this on hand. TRY IT!