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History & Genetics

Bruce Banner takes it's namesake from the alter-ego of comic book superhero the Hulk and it receives this name with good reason as it is quite a powerful strain. Jason Holck of Dark Horse Genetics (aka OG Ironlung) bred Bruce Banner by cross breeding Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, which is made evident with it's pleasant, slightly sweet diesel scent.

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Bruce Banner actually comes in three specific variants, with Bruce Banner #3 being the most coveted of the three. Initially, 5 Bruce Banner strains existed, Bruce Banner #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5. Bruce Banner #2 and #4 were both quickly drop, with #1, #3, and #5 taking precedence. Bruce Banner #3 ranked first place in the Denver US Cannabis Cup, and is the most potent strain ever tested in the history of the High Times Cannabis Cups. Bruce Banner received a great amount of hype in 2009, right as medical cannabis started receiving a better reception in the mainstream.

Typical Effects

Dry Eyes
Dry Eyes

Common Usage

A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite



Bruce Banner has more going for it than a clever name and high THC content, however. This 60% sativa dominant hybrid strain packs quite a punch with a great balance between the sativa and indica effects. The buds are dense, rich in THC content. The Bruce Banner #3 variant is known to reach nearly 30% in THC content!

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

THC Content











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A round narrow Bruce Banner cannabis bud with orange hairs

The taste of the strain is pungent citrus, and compared to the strain's smell, it's taste is considerably earthier and less sweet. Bruce Banner's parents' lineage is apparent with its please and slightly sweet diesel scent.


The effects emerge swiftly and in strength, but the stone mellows into a creative euphoria, balancing out the punch of the initial stone. Bruce Banner will provide a relaxing body high accompanied by useful pain killing effects for users. This is a strain that many use to treat anxiety and stress levels, as well as alleviate the symptoms associated with ADD / ADHD and Bipolar disorders. Bruce Banner is also used to remedy migraines and alleviate pain associated with arthritis.


Plants of this strain tend to flower at around 8 to 10 weeks, and is a true beauty to behold as it grows. The leaves are colored a rich magenta hue, dancing vividly off the bright green buds and red hairs. The buds are frosted generously with large-headed trichomes. Bruce Banner tends to offer bigger yields than your typical OG Kush, making it a great strain choice for more experienced growers looking for an exotic strain which boasts bountiful yields.


March 22, 2021

Nathaniel Turner

Really flavor rich. I'm recovering from an injury and I vote in agreement with its well known pain relieving benefits.

September 29, 2020


I'm a sativa girl but I love this strain. I was finally able to find a strain that is a perfect balance. I was able to go home after a rough day at work and hit the vape and relax without feeling sedated. No pain and a peace a mind.

May 23, 2020

Dave Anderson

I have had my share of different strains, and I’ve never written a review, before now. This one is a perfect mix of sativa/indica. No couch lock, yet relaxed. Nice strain to start a day chilled. Not one to use though, if you want to exercise. I have bipolar type 1. (Extremely rapid cycle) this stuff really helps slow down the thoughts, without slowing them to much, to get stuck in a deep thought. I’m stocking up.

December 16, 2019

Dy Lee

Excellent strain. Makes me happy I found a strain that actually works. Thanks!😎

November 12, 2019


This is definitely the most potent flower I have ever smoked, 40 years worth. For me it is an evening smoke. I get seriously Stoned with 1 hit. Normally hit other strains 3 times a session, and never get blitzed. Only issue I have with this strain is I have only been able to buy a small quantity 1 time. I WANT MORE!!