Tahoe Alien

Very High
Strain Type
Consumption Time
60% Indica

Typical Effects

Dry Eyes
Dry Eyes
Cotton Mouth
Cotton Mouth

Common Usage

A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite

About Tahoe Alien

Tahoe Alien is another Indica-dominant, top shelf strain with plenty of medicinal benefits. The strain is a cross of Tahoe OG and Alien Kush, and has both a higher than average THC content and CBD content of roughly 21 percent and 4 percent, respectively. Although it hasn’t won any awards to date, it has still managed to raise the bar in terms of quality standards.

Tahoe Alien plants grow to a medium height. Its buds are of a conical shape and are of a light, minty green color with amber undertones and fiery orange hairs. The buds are large and stocky (they can be as much as three times the size of original Tahoe OG buds), and are extremely sticky due to the presence of a frosty layer of chunky, golden trichomes.

This strain emits an exquisite earthy, piney aroma with hints of citrus, which makes it a perfect companion for a group smoke session. Not only does it smell like a mix of its parents, Tahoe OG and Alien Kush, but there are hints of the Las Vegas Purple Kush in its scent as well.

The smell is reflected in the taste simultaneously – it gives users an earthy and piney flavor, mixed with hints of lemon and grape, upon use. There is also a luscious, earthy kush with piquant lemon pine aftertaste upon exhale.

As its name suggests, this strain is somehow connected to outer space – it will take users for a trip among the stars with a drifting, cerebral high combined with a pleasant and numbing body buzz, which creates a surreal feeling. Even though the Tahoe Alien is a super heavy strain, it is not excessively sedative or narcotic, which makes it perfect for evening or even afternoon use. The head rush it induces gives users a wonderful feeling of delight, and follows that up with boosts in creativity and appetite as well as helping in relaxation and sleep. This makes it perfect for recreational use.

In addition to the aforementioned traits, Tahoe Alien also has numerous medicinal benefits. It helps to ease insomnia and nausea, while also alleviating stress, pain, muscle spasms and inflammations.

This strain was first grown by Alien Genetics. Its buds can mature as early as 8 weeks – although 9 weeks is recommended to ensure maximum density and potency. It is perfect for indoor cultivation, but can also grow smoothly outdoors in temperate climates. One thing to keep in mind when growing is that nutrients should be added carefully, as the Tahoe Alien can suffer from nutrient burn. However, growing it properly can reap large rewards, as it has a large yield.

Common Usage


A Loss of Appetite8/10




Typical Effects


Dry Eyes2/10

Cotton Mouth4/10



THC Content

Highest Test29%

Strain Average25%

Indica Average12.5%

Wikileaf Average18%

Wikileaf Highest35%

Recent Customer Reviews


I give this The Hand Clap.. 👏 -Hurricane Chris


This one has a good funky smell. It has goofy euphoric effects followed by solid sleep. Nice to have a functional indica.

dylan nelson

One of my fav's, and oh what a dank smell. Loved it.