Alien Kush

Very Low
Strain Type
Consumption Time
60% Indica

Typical Effects

Cotton Mouth
Cotton Mouth

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About Alien Kush

Alien Kush is a slightly Indica-dominant, top shelf cannabis strain of Californian origin. Born as a cross between Las Vegas Purple Kush (LVPK) and Alien Dawg, this strain is a mostly Indica hybrid with medium THC content of about 14%. 

The Alien Kush plant is light green in color, with the sticky buds covered in red and orange hairs and shiny trichomes. The plant grows to a medium height, and is hardy, which makes it easy to grow both indoors and out. 

Alien Kush gives off an aroma which is piney, herbal, earthy and spicy at the same time. The scent is not only exotic, but also carries a hint of flowery sweetness as well as a citrusy taste. 

When it comes to taste, Alien Kush carries on the characteristics of its scent. Its strong and piquant taste is reminiscent of tea, with an earthy and woody undertone which is suggestive of post-rain damp soil.

Unlike other strains, the Alien Kush contains numerous effects and benefits which make it impeccable for medicinal and recreational use. One hit from this strain initially hits the brain with trippy feelings that are more commonly experienced from Sativa strains. The buzz gradually settles in the body and promotes feelings of relaxation. 

The high lasts for around 2 hours, during which time it promotes feelings of happiness, relaxation and elation. Moreover, Alien Kush frees the mind from lockdown and encourages creativity, which makes it perfect for recreational use. In addition, its ability to relax helps to soothe pain, headaches and nausea as well as increasing appetite and uplifting mood (and consequently fight depression). This makes it suitable for medicinal use as well.

Alien Kush was first grown by The Cali Connection. It grows well in both hydro and soil, and the growth is complemented by trimming and the addition of organic nutrients. Although this strain has average yields (around 300g per square meter) it is hardy and easy to grow. Its flowering time is 8-9 weeks and it is ready for harvest in early to mid-October.

Common Usage






Typical Effects



Cotton Mouth4/10



THC Content

Highest Test19%

Strain Average17%

Indica Average12.5%

Wikileaf Average18%

Wikileaf Highest35%

Recent Customer Reviews


This was my first time trying it . It’s gives you a heavy head high and slowly wears off . I found myself deep in thought for about the first 30 mins . I’m not a consistent weed smoker so I’m not as experienced and this is a “ Virgin review “this is a honest one so don’t talk about me to bad ! it made my heart beat pretty fast and some good tingling all over but nothing over bearing. I could literally hear everything so clear birds, grasshoppers, ect ! It’s going on 2 hours and the head High has calmed down but I still feel really great .. happy .. deep in thought and super hungry I ate 3 burritos . Also something I liked it made my mouth super watery with a fruity taste .. my tongue was a little heavy tho so I made sure I didn’t do much talking . Just smiled and laughed a bit .. I did deep inhales and exhales to enjoy this high and just listened to sounds around me .