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Super Blue Dream

Super Blue Dream

Hybrid - 50%
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
Origin: Unknown
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About Super Blue Dream

As if the ubiquitous Blue Dream couldn’t get any better, this derivative strain takes that hybrid’s genetics to the next level. Super Blue Dream is a cross between tasty favorite Blue Dream and the highly resinous Super Silver Haze. The result has all the bag appeal of its blue parent strain with an added sativa energy. Its well-balanced high is enjoyable in a wide variety of situations. Super Blue Dream’s THC content has been measured at between 15% and 21%.

Flowers of Super Blue Dream are typically small to medium in size and adhere in tight, popcorn-like clusters. These buds betray their indica influence with small leaves curled tightly inward in a compact, densely-packed structure. These leaves themselves are a vibrant yellowish green. Sometimes, however, phenotypes of Super Blue Dream express bright purple hues in their leaves; this anomaly is due to the presence of anthocyanin pigments, which can release shades of blue and purple when stimulated by cold weather in the growing process. Finally, translucent amber-colored trichomes give these already-colorful flowers an almost golden hue.

When they’re properly cured, the aroma of sweet and tart blueberries springs up from these buds. On closer inspection, there’s also a light herbal quality, somewhat like dried plant matter, possibly passed on from grandparent strain Haze. Grindin up the tight nuggets releases a sweeter, more earthy odor of musk. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, Super Blue Dream burns with a smooth and pleasant smoke. This smoke has berry and citrus flavors with a touch of musk on the exhale.

Super Blue Dream hits quickly, making itself known even before consumers have finished exhaling its tasty smoke. The first physical symptoms can manifest as small tics, like a rush of blood to the face and a tingle around the eyes and temples. Following these sensations, effects are marked by a stimulation of analytical thinking. Smokers may find their thoughts jumping from one to the net in rapid succession or with a newfound intensity. Such a mindset can be a good way to accomplish a long list of work-related tasks or even freeform creative projects. Eventually, this strain's potent physical high sets in, undoing any persistent physical tension and weighing down limbs and eyelids in equal measure. If they’re not already sitting, smokers may make a beeline for the closest comfortable couch. For a while, Super Blue Dream’s mental clarity persists, making it a good way to enjoy activities that involve both mental and physical coordination, like exercise and video games. As the high wears on, however, -- or as dosage is increased -- Super Blue Dream can have a dreamy, hazy quality, pinning consumers in place and making their thoughts more cloudy than analytical. On its backend, Super Blue Dream is a great strain to enjoy with some like-minded friends after a long day or week of work. Because of its balanced effects and gradual taper down into relaxation, this strain is best enjoyed during the late afternoon through early evening.

Super Blue Dream can also have several applications for medical cannabis patients. Its lucidity can encourage focus on a single task for those with attention deficit disorders. Its upbeat, mood-altering properties may also temporarily relieve the harsh symptoms of mild to moderate stress, depression, and anxiety. Physiologically speaking, the strain’s body high can numb aches and pains, from the chronic and disease-related to simple, everyday irritations like headaches. Patients who are prone to panic or paranoia should consumer Super Blue Dream with caution, as its sativa effects can become overwhelming in the wrong set and setting.

With no large breeders producing seeds of Super Blue Dream on a commercial scale, prospective growers must obtain clippings of the strain from a trusted source in order to grow clones. This strain can be fostered indoors or out, although outdoor success calls for a semi-humid climate with consistent daytime temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Plants tend to grow short and bushy, with strong lateral branches. Those looking to bring out Super Blue Dream’s purple hues should briefly expose their crops to nighttime temperatures at least 10 to 15 degrees below average. Once mature, these plants produce an average yield of flowers.

Bring out Super Blue Dream as a way to one-up fellow consumers who have only ever enjoyed its more common predecessor. This hybrid is enjoyable for both solo and boisterous social use.

THC Content - 21.0% Highest Test

Average Hybrid
Super Blue Dream Highest Test
Super Blue Dream Average

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April 16, 2018
Feel pretty high yeah
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