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Sour Diesel will give you a terrific blast, a smash-in-the-face of Chemdawg and a Sativa we haven’t identified yet. We don’t even know who bred it originally – most people call them “A.J.” or “Asshole Joe.” It not only comes packed with 26% THC on the high end, but also retains 2% CBD and 4% CBN during extraction, which is pretty unheard of. These added chemical compounds don’t alter the base effects of Sour Diesel, but they provide varied intensity that you can’t really calculate (or control). For a feeling of ultimate happy heaviness, Sour Diesel (also called “Sour Deez'' and “Sour D” for short) brings a nearly pure 90% Sativa to bear on your restless mind. You won’t stand a chance.

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Sour Diesel’s lineage contains a little mystery. Researchers suspect that it was created accidentally from strains in the Chemdawg and OG Kush line. Particularly, Chemdawg 91 is suspected as a likely parent, along with possible candidates like DNL and Massachusetts Super Skunk

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Traumatic Stress
Traumatic Stress



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green frosty nug of Sour Diesel Sour Diesel is super popular among sativa lovers.

Wherever it comes from, the plant grows lanky, throwing up a ton of foxtails around its dense, light green nugs, and releasing pungent odors into your indoor garden, like little skunk-citrus flower bombs. Speaking of aromas, Sour Diesel continues to earn its name as you smoke it. A pungent cloud of skunky haze (like Diesel Gas but after eating an entire fruit orchard), explodes from this bud in a dense, lemony fog. The odor is sour, pungent, and strong. The taste is earthy, herbal, gassy, and with an unmistakable aftereffect of lemon on your tongue.


The effects begin as a surge of cerebral energy, which promotes creativity and a feeling of get-up-and-go. Sour Diesel is a great wake-and-bake strain to get your day started, especially if you’re a remote worker that wants some mental stimulation without worrying about how skunky-delicious you smell. The strain is invigorating and that gives it its main medicinal uses.

For those suffering from anxiety and depression, Sour Diesel can help through sheer mental energy. The stimulation and brain-electrifying feelings would get anyone up and moving (the 26% THC high doesn’t hurt either). Consumers report it helps in fighting fatigue and gets the appetite moving again.

Sour Diesel is heavy, gassy, pungent, sour, skunky, and above all, awesomely day-enhancing. For mornings when you don’t know how you’re supposed to get started, this is your wakeup call of non-deadly lemon gas down in the trenches of your tiredness. Get up! Go!


Though Sour Diesel is beloved by many, it's not recommended for the novice grower. This strain is known to grow very tall and lanky, and should be grown by people with experience in proper pruning and topping techniques. 

Sour Diesel flowers in 9-11 weeks, and is typically recommended for an outdoor grow due to how much stretching this plant can do. It's preferred if it can have space to grow. This strain can be a bit susceptible to powdery mildew, so you'll want to take extra care in keeping the humidity levels maintained --- under 60% humidity is a safe bet for Sour Diesel. 


August 10, 2021


A challenging strain but worth it in the end

June 7, 2021


Occasional smoke with it is nice but as a regular smoke it isn't for me. Good, solid high; just prefer Ammo as a staple.

May 15, 2021

Mark Kaesehagen

Not an easy plant to grow and not really worth the effort. Questionable genetics and not a pleasant smell or taste. Other Diesel strains are far better,

April 23, 2021


smoked in the morning to help alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms stemming from trauma. definite mood lift! a little spaced out - i'm supposed to be making a grocery list and instead i played a call and response game with a crow on my morning walk and took a typing test (95 wpm and 99% accuracy ;) not my favorite i've tried but it's definitely helpful! i could be on track if i really tried i think

January 2, 2021

No No Dancer

Meh. Go with a haze if you want a pick me up. SD will leave you only slightly less bummed than you were before you smoked that J. ✌🏼