Whether it’s a special treat every now and again or part of your morning routine, a wake and bake session can be a stimulating way to start the day. If you’ve ever tried to wake and bake, only to end up back in bed feeling too groggy to continue on, you could benefit from taking some time to prepare before the session.

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Waking and baking can mean turning off your alarm and grabbing the pipe on the bedside table before even getting out of bed, or it can mean waking up and incorporating weed somewhere into your routine (cannabis coffee, anyone?)

A wake and bake session can make or break your entire day, so it’s important to go about it wisely. Good planning is key to success.

Review Your Schedule To Prevent Surprises

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There’s nothing like finishing up a good smoke session only to see a message from your boss asking why you’re late for the shift you agreed to cover.

To avoid this awful fate, be responsible about the wake and bake. Check over your schedule, read through your previous messages, and just make sure you aren’t going to run into any surprises. Doing this before you start smoking can prevent any ensuing anxiety or panic that may arise after you light up and wonder what you’re supposed to do for the day.

You don’t have to wake and bake only when you have a clear schedule. Many people find they can be even more productive with their day after they smoke. Still, it’s best to have clear expectations about your day to prevent any surprises.

Decide When You’re Going To Have Breakfast

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You can decide if you want to eat before or after the session. Just make sure you decide beforehand. Some people find that eating a healthy breakfast before the session helps them feel stronger and more productive, whereas others find that smoking first helps to stimulate their appetite for a better breakfast. Of course, you always have the option to do both. 

Regardless, do what you need to do to prevent the wake and bake from turning into a kitchen raid. If you decide to eat breakfast after smoking, consider cooking it before you indulge in your cannabis. If you have breakfast ready to come back to after smoking, you won’t be digging through the cupboards trying to eat whatever it is the munchies are targeting.

Alternatively, if you eat before smoking, you can smoke and immediately move on with your routine knowing your body doesn’t need food.

Choose The Right Strain

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Your practices surrounding the wake and bake are important, but choosing the right strain may be one of the more crucial aspects of having an optimal session.

You’ll want to go for a sativa or sativa-heavy hybrid to prevent an indica’s overwhelming sense of relaxation and urge to lay down “just for a bit” before starting the day.

There are plenty of sativas that will cause users to feel stimulated, energetic, and creative. Take Casey Jones for examples. This strain provides a comfortable cerebral high that helps users feel alert and energized, making it perfect for morning use.

Keep A Water Bottle With You

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If you’re heading out the door, or even working on stuff at home, it’s important to stay hydrated. It’s easy to get distracted from necessities after a wake and bake session, so having some cold refreshing water at arm’s reach will help.

Plus, if you feel like you’re fading or gonna crash after waking and baking, you might just need a boost of what the body craves. Down that water - it’s good for you.

Make A To-Do List

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If your day is relatively open, it’s easy to get high and forget what it was you even wanted to do. Or maybe after smoking you’ve convinced yourself that you don’t actually want to do those things.

Keeping a to-do list around is a good way to combat this. You don’t necessarily have to complete everything on the list - after all, you are waking and baking. But having a general guideline of things you could do for the day will help you get moving again if you feel like you’re going to crash.

Having an activity to return to after smoking is a good way to prevent the getting-back-into-bed phenomenon that happens with waking and baking.

You Are Not Leaving The House Like That

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Whether you’re going to work or just taking a walk down the street, for the love of nugs, don’t go out in your weed scented wake and bake clothes. 

Take care of the wake and bake part of the morning before you get dressed. Then you can change into your public appearance clothes. Follow it up with something like putting in eyedrops, brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, the whole deal.

If you shower in the morning, try to wait until after you smoke before the shower. This will eliminate the chances of smelling like weed as you go about your day.

The best part of a good wake and bake session is feeling energized and ready for the day. Nothing sets this back further than looking and smelling like you just rolled out of the ‘60s.

Final Thoughts On The Perfect Wake and Bake

There’s a big difference between a lazy Sunday morning wake and bake and a before-work wake and bake. Make sure you know which one you’re going for.

You can get away with staying in pajamas, falling back asleep, and generally having a lazy weed-infused day if that’s your plan. It’s pretty easy to do that and requires little planning.

If you’re trying to wake and bake and continue functioning like the responsible adult you are, even before work, these tips should help you keep it together and get the best results.

Please be safe when waking and baking. Do not operate heavy machinery while under the influence of cannabis.