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History & Genetics

Sensi Star is an award-winning indica dominant hybrid. Sensi Star was created by the crew at Paradise Seeds and they have not released the full truth of this strain's genetics. They have stated that it is mostly an Afghani indica but the strain most definitely contains some sativa, possibly Skunk, in her lineage (we estimate it at 35 percent).

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Appearance, Aroma, & Genetics

Typical Effects


Common Usage

A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite
A Sensi Star that cannabis bud that is neon-green with orange hairs

THC Content











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The nuggets develop into dark, dark green cones that are covered with trichomes. They develop clusters of long, orange hairs. Sensi Star smells of a coniferous forest, mint, pepper, and a citrus lemon; which is similar to the taste of the strain.


This strain has been called a "one-hit quitter" and is often recommended to patients with a high tolerance. Most feel high instantaneously with cerebral effects starting right after the first hit that lifts spirits and fills users with a sense of euphoria.

Soon afterward, most feel a strong body high that relaxes muscles. These effects are often accompanied by a lazy haze that can make it hard to focus. Some also find the strain can make them feel very tired. Users should be wary of the common side effects; dry eyes and mouth, dizziness, paranoia, and headaches.

Often the choice for those looking to alleviate their chronic aches and pains, many find this strain can make even severe pain manageable. Recommended for afternoon, evening, and nighttime use Sensi Star may be used to reduce stress, the sleepless nights of insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Some use it to generate an appetite or to fight the effects of migraines, headaches, and glaucoma.


Growing well in the Sea of Green technique, Sensi Star flowers for about seven weeks. Indoor this strain can yield up to 450 grams per plant, though reportedly it can produce up to three and a half pounds when grown properly. It does well when grown with a hydroponics setup. Sensi Star usually tops out at a height of six feet.


May 8, 2019


Sensi star. We smoked a joint and immediately, i felt my senses heighten. I made a beat and felt focused until i realized my body needed to lay down. i laid down in a relaxed, not anxious about anything state, like my body was removing blockages and stored pain. My body was relaxing deeply into the bed but my mind was active enough to drift between thoughts comfortably. I love this strain, definitely good for muscle pains and an anti anxiety. tho i can see it, in higher doses, being anxiety inducing, overall, a great strain, super beautiful trichomes.

April 11, 2019

Ryan P

My favorite strain hands down. Chills you out, its not heavy on the head, sensory seems to increase allowing gaming / high stimulation television be very entertaining, and bedroom activity isn’t effected in a negative manner.

April 4, 2019


In Quebec the goverment stores sells it at 27% and as an indica! Real strong effects and taste!!! Can't fail with this strain! I luv it:)

January 29, 2019

Christopher J Tote

Very nice plant. Grows shorter in height than some varieties while producing nice, hard, tasty buds with production weight actually heavier than other plants I had grown. Very nice taste and smooth, pleasing high. This variety is very nice for "old-school" smokers. Sensi Star will again be welcomed in my life - 42+ years of relaxation with cannabis and this is one of the best

November 24, 2018

Not Jerry Cucu

Jerry cucu clearly is stupid. Weed is not for him. Go back to alcohol amigo!