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History & Genetics

Project 4516 is a high-powered sativa-leaning (60/40) hybrid from the California-based breeders at Grandiflora Genetics. This strain, a combination of Platinum Puff and Gelato 45, is an uplifting, easiness-inducing purple package that possesses its user with funky aromas and sweet flavors. Its genetics are African in origin, going back to Durban Poison, with a healthy amount of OG Kush on both its parents’ sides.

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That should be a clue to how earthy and calming Project 4516 can be, especially when paired with a day when you don’t want to do anything. Continue reading to learn about Project 4516’s catalog of effects and what you can expect from them.

Typical Effects


Common Usage


Appearance, Aroma, & Flavor

The strain known as Project 4516 is notable for its funky floral aroma, mixed with earth and sweetness, and a high that makes users think of fruit candy. As you smoke, the flavor becomes harsher, more acidic, and chemmy.

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It begins to take on flavors of fuel, with acrid smoke that will fill the room (and burn out your nose hairs). This is why the strain is not recommended for novice consumers or for those who share living spaces with people unused to strong-smelling strains. Project 4516 makes its presence known and it isn’t shy about it.

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The terpenes that create this flavor profile include Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Linalool, which together make a cocktail of spicy-sweet and funky-earth flavors. The plant is notably purple within its dense green buds, which are round and very indica-like in appearance.

The white crystal trichomes are big and almost fluffy, while the understated orange hairs spread out between the buds without being too loud about it. Experience growers recommend using a grinder for this strain to preserve its unique flavors.


As for its effects, Project 4516 is not for users who want to take it easy. The strain powers you up with 24% THC or more, giving less experienced consumers sensations of heavy couch-lock and sedation. But if you can handle it, Project 4516 can be like a Captain America serum, giving you physical energy to power through a workout or a run, taking the edge off inflammation and chronic pain, and just making you feel good.

As the high progresses though, no matter your experience, you’ll want to take it easy. We recommend planning a spa trip, a nap, or a good movie to accompany you on the later stages of the Project 4516 high.

Calming, happiness-invoking, and powerful, Project 4516 is sweet on the inhale but progresses to more complex, chem-like flavors that could put some users off. It can also be sedating in high doses. Tread carefully, but Project 4516 packs a pain-relieving punch if you can stick it out.


The flowering time for Project 4516 is 8-10 weeks. This strain produces a pretty hefty yield. These plants grow around 4 feet tall.


November 22, 2022

zuzan noland

Best of sativa

November 22, 2022

Vinton Paul

I just got my hands on a mix of P4516 X Cheetah Piss Live resin cart by HAZE and I must say the high is excellent you can feel both strains create a sensory overload of good medicine good for pain inflammation and depression and puts a smile on your face and turns sleepy later on put Im very impressed with this Live Resin Cart from my dispensary liberty health sciences its a haze Cart compared to any distillate cart there is no comparison

September 22, 2022

Ian S Smith

Wowzers. I just got this and it's exactly what is described. Amazing taste and high. Highly recommend for a seasonal pothead

July 3, 2022

Jaiden Richard

In the top 10 of my favorite strains,everything i want from cannabis plus a bit of phsycadelic euphoria, relaxed and energetic level head sharp with creativity, i love it! Great medicine.