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About Gelato #45

Cookie Fam Genetics created this best-selling phenotype of Gelato, also known as Larry Bird, as a hybrid between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mints. It leans towards the earthier notes for sure -- imagine the taste of pine cookies and flowers. The strain is delicious and powerful, with a solid THC level and a sweet cocktail of vibrant tastes. The potent pain-relieving effects are not only a bonus, but they also pack a ton of benefits for people with unique health conditions who are searching for relief.

Gelato, in any phenotype, is a dankly delicious strain. It’s sweet to an almost sickly degree, mood-boosting, and incredibly earthy. Those who use it are known for succumbing to energy, euphoria, and bouts of uncontrollable giggles. This gives the strain its uniquely specific effects for people suffering from a myriad of pain conditions.

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As with many strains, Gelato #45 helps with depression and stress. Due to its relaxing effect, it can treat insomnia and fatigue. It gives you the munchies, which can help dispel a chronically low appetite or feelings of nausea. It’s so happy-inducing and focused that it can even help chase away a brain fog and cure a headache.

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However, for people suffering with real chronic conditions, Gelato #45 can be a soothing presence. Fibromyalgia, marked by widespread bodily pain in specific points on the body, can be near-impossible to effectively treat without constant management. Any relief is welcome, which is why Gelato #45 is a superstar among buds for being able to offer those people some relief. This is because the strain can reduce inflammation and muscle spasms, both of which are causes and symptoms of fibro. It’s basically a closed system of cause and effect – inflammation causes fibro, which causes stress, which causes inflammation, which causes fibro. Gelato #45 can help break the cycle.

Additionally, the strain can help treat chronic stress and traumatic stress related to PTSD. Bipolar disorder (or manic depression) can also be calmed down under the influence of Gelato #45.

The strain itself is dark green and blue, almost a deep purple shade among its lumpy nugs, with orange hairs and a dusting of incredibly sticky, resin-cloaked trichomes. Its high is a sense of euphoria and focus mixed together, balanced and powerful and long-lasting. You will feel relaxed and peaceful on the strain, relieved, and potentially pain-free.

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For those that can’t focus because of pain, or can’t function in their daily lives, they’re looking for anything to break the cycle. Gelato #45 could be the answer.


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Recent Customer Reviews

Todd Royal

I picked up 1/8 of Gelato 45 grown by a locally owned dispensary, not a chain, here in Denver. I have some issues with certain strains causing me anxiety both sativa & indica leaning hybrids so it's difficult for me to find a good strain for daytime that doesn't end in couchlock. My budtender at my favorite local dispensary suggested Gelato 45. I was a little hesitant because it tested at 34.5%, which is the highest THC % I've come across after a batch of Bear Dance I got at the same dispensary that was 35.8%, but this budtender has never steered me wrong so I gave it a shot. This may be my new favorite strain! Not just daytime strain, favorite strain overall. The buds I got were kind of loose, triangular, and light green at the stem turning into dark purple/blue as it nears the tip. I use a dry herb vaporizer and the taste is earthy with undertones of fruit, pepper and a little pine. I packed about 1/4 gram and took 3 good hits off the vape. I waited 2 hours before writing this. Within minutes of my last hit all of the stress/anxiety disappeared replaced by a happy, calmly motivated, clear headed high with no feeling of impending crash or tiredness. I haven't tried a large amount yet but considering the tiny amount it took to get this daily toker high I'd be extra cautious if I were a newbie, one hit may be plenty for some folks. Luckily they have online ordering so there's an oz of Gelato 45 waiting for me to pick up in the morning!

Dianna Reed

This is one of my favorite strains!!! I have horrible anxiety that can sometimes be crippling, and i'm trying to run a small business. Not a great combo. But I do smoke a little bit of this strain when I'm feeling it and I'm able to actually come down and focus on what I need to create. Highly recommend.