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Pez is a pure indica bred from strong Asian landrace genetics -- it is a cross between Afghani and Pakistani varietals and offers all the thoroughgoing relaxation you’d expect from such a lineage. Although no breeder has officially claimed responsibility for creating this strain, some sources claim that it was developed by the University of Washington as a cancer treatment on Lopez Island (hence the nickname ‘Pez). Whatever its background, Pez is certainly potent: cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has found samples to have between 12% and 27% THC.

Pez’s flowers have a tapered, spadelike shape. These nuggets are small to medium in size and cling together in clustered, popcorn-like formations. The structure of the buds is undeniably indica, with a solid density; the leaves curl in tightly towards their central stems. Leaves themselves are a mossy shade of green and are shot through with orange hairs -- which are actually pistils, structures intended to catch pollen from flowering male plants. Translucent trichomes give these colorful flowers a slightly matte white look.

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Like the candy of the same name, Pez has a predominantly sweet aroma, with strong berry notes. Lurking underneath is the earthy scent of fresh pine. Meanwhile, cracking open these nuggets yields a more hashy, incense-like odor, possibly passed on from the richly-perfumed Afghani. When burnt in a pipe or a joint, Pez has a remarkably smooth smoke for an indica. On the exhale, this smoke has a tropical flavor with some citrusy hints.

Typical Effects


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Pez offers a creeper of a high -- several minutes after savoring its fruity and earthy taste, smokers may notice a tingle spreading from the neck down through the core and limbs. Anxieties and any muscular tension melt away as users find themselves able to breathe more deeply and easily. This relaxation eventually progresses into a full body high, leaving smokers content to zone out as the outside world recedes into the background. To be sure, Pez confers a cloudy mental state that isn’t particularly conducive to getting work done. Users may also experience some changes in sensory perception, marked by visual and auditory distortions. Such a trippy vibe can set the stage for giddy social situations; this bud may facilitate free-flowing conversation or camaraderie among like-minded friends. As the high progresses or as dosage is increased, smokers are likely to become couchlocked, and eventually, to drift off to sleep. As such, Pez is best enjoyed during the evening when its powerful sedation can be fully appreciated.

Pez’s tranquilizing effects may also have several benefits for medical cannabis patients. It can provide relief from aches and pains, whether they’re temporary, as due to injury, or chronic, as due to conditions like fibromyalgia or arthritis. The strain’s anti-inflammatory effects can also soothe more common irritations like headaches or nausea. Psychologically speaking, Pez may temporarily relieve the symptoms of stress, depression, and even anxiety. As noted, it can also counteract insomnia, lulling users into a deep and restful sleep. Because it is very unlikely to trigger the kind of recursive thinking that can lead to paranoia, this strain is a good option for those who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.

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No commercial breeders have made seeds of Pez available for sale online. As such, prospective growers must obtain clippings from mature, healthy plants of the strain, sourced from a trusted breeder, in order to grow genetically identical “clones.” It can be grown indoors or out, although successful outdoor cultivation calls for a humid climate with daytime temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Like most indicas, Pez’s plants grow short and bushy with strong lateral branches. Growers should be sure to regularly “top” their crops by trimming away any broad-light blocking fan leaves, thereby encouraging the growth of flowering nodes on the crops’ lower branches. Pez flowers within in 7 to 8 weeks when grown indoors and is said to offer a very high yield of flowers.

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Still a very popular strain in its birthplace of the Pacific Northwest, Pez’s long-lasting, therapeutic body high makes it a great addition to any indica lover’s stash box. That said, any entities growing or selling Pez in Oregon should take care not to run afoul of the state’s Liquor Control Commission, which in 2016 banned the sale of strains like Girl Scout Cookies and Bubblicious because their names could inadvertently appeal to children.


March 2, 2021

J Lucus

Picked up this strain in Everett, WA (High Society) from Western Culture -named "Puget Sound Lo-Pez". Great very relaxing afternoon nugs. Sweet, Berry Earthy and incredibly frosty nugs clocking in at an epic 26% THC and 27.7% THCA for a total THC of 29% Shit I can barely finish typing this after a fat bowl. Amazing stuff.

January 20, 2021

Killer Holl

Pez is from Serene Lake. Pot of Gold documentary. Thanks Kev!

February 28, 2020


This strain was made on Lopez Island in Washington state hence the name "pez", and was developed by UDub and the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center. It does have a sweetness to it for sure almost like a diluted fruit punch ish. My stomach has been jacked all day from drinking last night and within minutes that all disapeared. I'm feeling super calm, relaxed, and happy. I could see how this could help with sleep because of the state of comfort it brings you to. I have Fibro and this is really helping with my nerve pain which is an extra bonus. I wouldn't hit this if I had shit to do tho, so make sure your able to just chill and enjoy the ride ; )