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Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush

Indica - 100%
Recommended time of use: Evening
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About Hindu Kush

One of the original landrace strains that precipitated the popularization of cannabis throughout the world, Hindu Kush is a potent pure indica. It is indigenous to the Hindu Kush mountain chain that forms the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The meaning of the word “Kush” is disputed, and has been traced back to a Persian term for “Hindu killer” (in reference to the danger of crossing the inhospitable mountains) as well as to Avestan words meaning simply “water mountain.” In any case, Kush has become a byword for weed and is often used a suffix in the names of different strains, regardless of whether those strains have Hindu Kush in their lineage.

Seeds of Hindu Kush -- along with seeds of other Asian landrace varieties like Afghani -- were brought to the U.S. in the 1960s and 70s by cannabis enthusiasts and explorers who traveled along a route that has come to be known as the “hippie trail.” In time, Hindu Kush has, perhaps inevitably, been crossed with other strains to allow for stability and adaptation to a radically different climate than its mountainous point of origin; as such, “true” Hindu Kush may not be widely available in the Western Hemisphere. Nevertheless, Hindu Kush is a relatively pure strain, simpler and often more potent that the novelty crossbreeds that continue to multiply in today’s competitive cannabis market. It is prized for its heavily sedative, almost narcotic properties and its highly resinous flowers. The THC composition of Hindu Kush is typically measured at between 15% and 20%.

Hindu Kush is marked by large, clustered green buds that adhere due to their incredibly sticky consistency. Some phenotypes have shades of purple in the leaves, the result of high concentrations of plant pigments called anthocyanins being activated by cold weather during the vegetative stage. The densely-packed flowers are famous for their resin (Hindu Kush may have been one of the first strains used to produce hash) and have a heavy coating of silver-white trichomes. The aroma of this strain is very complex, with a simultaneously sweet and musky scent, redolent of spice, sandalwood, pine, and wet earth. The musky odor intensifies when flowers are combusted and smoked. The resulting smoke is harsh and cough-inducing; when exhaled, smoke tastes vaguely like pine. The overall flavor impression of Hindu Kush is one of incense and herbs.

Hindu Kush boasts a slowly-mounting high that begins as a sense of physical relaxation and then progresses toward a state of mental fogginess. Users will feel a heavy sensation in the limbs and head and may not want to be especially active. The feeling of couchlock is commonly reported: users may have thoughts or intentions of getting up to perform a task, but will just as happily remain motionless. This immobilization can free up the mind for lazy contemplation and meandering creative thinking. Some psychedelic effects like visual distortions and strange tactile sensations may also be present. Because of its heavy body stone, Hindu Kush is not recommended for active daytime use. Instead, it works well as a numbing agent for chronic pain, an anti-nausea treatment, and as a way to relieve stress and anxiety. Negative effects include dry mouth and eyes, occasionally accompanied by paranoia and dizziness. A few users have also reported experiencing anxiety from larger doses of this strain. Hindu Kush is particularly helpful for users with insomnia, as large enough doses can induce sleep.

The purely indica lineage of Hindu Kush is evident in its stature. Indica plants are much shorter and stockier than their sativa counterparts, and the Hindu Kush strain epitomizes this, hardly ever growing taller than 5 feet. As such, it can be grown indoors, provided that multiple plants are spaced to allow for the strain’s wide lateral branches. Outdoor cultivation tends to be more difficult, as the strain’s native climate is highly variable. However, as noted, certain varieties of Hindu Kush have been stabilized through minor crossbreeding, so some phenotypes may grow well outdoors. Growers may want to trim low-lying branches (which can later be used to grow clones) to allow for easy air circulation. Growers should also trim broad fan leaves to allow light to penetrate to flowering nodes up and down the length of the plant. When cultivated indoors, Hindu Kush flowers anywhere between 7 to 10 weeks. If grown outside, plants are usually ready for harvest in late October. Hindu Kush can yield up to 1.5 oz per square foot and reach a THC count of up to 20%.

Procuring Hindu Kush is a unique encounter for the cannabis novice and connoisseur alike. Shaped over countless generations of natural selection, its aromatic flowers offer a way to experience a piece of botanical and cultural history. The strain’s powerful knockout high may introduce a new kind of respect for nature -- or at the very least, an understanding of why this plant has been selectively bred by humans for centuries. A true nighttime smoke, Hindu Kush is well-suited to solo use or to small intimate gatherings.

THC Content - 20.0% Highest Test

Average Indica
Hindu Kush Highest Test
Hindu Kush Average

Common Usage


Cotton Mouth


March 20, 2019
Yeah, Hindu Kush means Slaughter of Hindus and it refers to a mass slaughter of Hindus during the Islamic occupation of ancient India. see: 'Hindu Holocaust'
March 14, 2019
Nice taste. Sort of disappointing high.
Roger Masters
March 01, 2019
I love this strain.
February 17, 2019
Totally agree with the heavy body couch lock feeling and not being able to use your limbs. I felt like jelly most of the time. I could barely move or even want too but I was happy, calm, not anxious nor depressed or even thinking. It's great for a night time buzz after a long stressful workday I'd settle down with this instead of a glass of wine.
February 08, 2019
It was one of the best strain. If in need of some.
October 22, 2018
Hindu Kush has been good and bad for my anxiety issues, however, it has been more good than bad. I just use HK for my MOTN (Middle Of The Night) insomnia. I am also very sensitive to THC. I started smoking MJ when I was in high school and I was very troubled by paranoia. So much so that I never smoked it after HS. Now that I have anxiety and panic attacks with uncontrollable cycles of hyperventilation/stop breathing, I am trying it again as Medical MJ. I have found that I am still troubled with THC sensitivity. I tried starting slow with a small bowl and it triggered panic in me, but it only lasted about 10 minutes. I have scaled down my dose to about as small as I can do. I use a pinch slightly larger than a BB. Even that small amount does help me to get better nights sleep, but it still causes stress/anxiety in me about 10 minutes after I take it for about 5 to 10 minutes. After that, I am pretty good and I can then fall asleep. That happens consistently every night. The nice thing is that a gram of this stuff has already lasted me about 6 weeks and I don't think I have even used half of it yet.

So, I know it is said that HK does not typically cause anxiety, but everyone is different, and it does cause it (a little) in me.
John deere
August 13, 2018
extremely sticky strain and potent and helps with stress a ton i picked up 1/2 and it was gone within 2 weeks also very dense
GordonYP In Florida
June 09, 2017
Very relaxing.. Have to get my bud from friends in Northern CA. Has very nice flavor. I'm an old time smoker over 40 years. This reminds me of hash we would get years back. This strain didn't knock me out as some other indica's do. Can't wait for FL to get it together. Still some more cannabis laws to be written, pass, etc. The high was long lasting, I could still do chores, without being to stoned to move.
ron moreno
November 28, 2016
just love any indics strain of smoke, i have a brain tumor and am recieving kemo and radition treatments 3 times a week, this really helos my nausea and relaxes me also, kerp it coming
john Smith
November 28, 2016
This is a good morning strain. I think people should try it.
Amanda jo hill
November 26, 2016
this is some of the best looking buds i have ever seen.It is also some the best shit i ever smoked
Jonathan Ghertler
November 26, 2016
i use pot because i suffer from MS. this strain helps relieve the pain
dalia valle
November 25, 2016
Great price for some real good weed. For thanksgiving bought 1 gram and smoked some real good weed preping my food and ready smoke another great blunt filled with great weed.
John jonson
November 25, 2016
best bud on.the planet
valerie luthor
November 25, 2016
This strain is green and orange and smokes like a orange creamsicle. The color is brilliant too.
Nicolas titus
November 24, 2016
This strain smokes very good.Its not harsh or overpowering on the lungs.I feel so relaxed and at ease on it.I have told my friends about it and they are going to try it.It helps me stay focused
Lauren putty
November 15, 2016
its so smooth. gives me a full body buzz and doesnt drag me down like heavy indica.
Brittany Vaughn
November 13, 2016
Great strain!
Victoria Whitaker
November 13, 2016
love hindu kush :)
November 12, 2016
clean high
Gabriel VanDoren
November 12, 2016
Only stuff that helps me sleep man
November 10, 2016
perfect for anxiety!!
justin w
November 10, 2016
fantastic flavor goodlazy hi
November 07, 2016
turbo glocks
November 07, 2016
great body high love it
brandon ostic
November 07, 2016
dopest smoke around lol
November 05, 2016
very nice.
Kuna share
November 05, 2016
Good strain. Solid stress reliever
Walter Hobbs
November 03, 2016
Good strain. Mellow body effect and great calming feeling.
November 03, 2016
A very good Kush strain, but not the best
Mandy kay
November 03, 2016
November 02, 2016
You'll never find a more classic Kush high, smell and taste then with Hindu Kush
kush bro
November 02, 2016
This Kush is oh so sweet. I smoke nothing but Kush!!
justin speicher
November 02, 2016
awesome love the feeling
gilles apounere
November 02, 2016
I love this shit
James Beal
November 02, 2016
November 02, 2016
its the bee's knee's
frank rudy mendez
October 29, 2016
love it
enrique lopez
October 29, 2016
First time with this strain. Its mellow and potent.
Cesar lopez
October 29, 2016
loved this strain, really put me on my ass
dyodyd pufpufup
October 29, 2016
great strain. smooth and mellow
joey ellk
October 28, 2016
I only had mild couch lock with some indoor Hindu Kush down in Cali. Still remained social and active...just chilled out
October 28, 2016
Heaviest Indica I ever smoked. Couch lock doesn't even begin to describe it...
Mechie Macamillion
October 28, 2016
the best smoking kush
rafael flores
October 28, 2016
Just ripped a fat bowl of some Hindu Kush. I only smoke Indica's and I only smoke in the evenings and at night and this is my go to. Never gets me paranoid, makes me feel happy, relaxed and sedated. Perfect for 1 hour of TV then falling fast asleep.
October 28, 2016
Ive had Hindu Kush from 3 different sources now. The first 2 Hindu Kush strains I tried were exceptional. The 3rd one seemed overgrown and was probably outdoor. So I give this strain a 3.5 average star rating.
kleber viana
October 20, 2016
Favorite strain for evening and night time!
October 18, 2016
Haven't found a better evening/night time strain to relax with then Hindu Kush. Most Kush's in general are great for kicking back but Hindu Kush always gives me a couple hours of relaxation followed by a nice long night's sleep!
October 16, 2016
Nice strain. Thanks
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