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History & Genetics

Cheetah Piss is a strain by the Cookies brand that cleverly combines a few favorites into something that gives off clarity, fuel flavors, and arousal, with a twist (the twist is lemon). Its three parent strains are Gelato 42, Lemonnade, and London Poundcake 97, a combination that’s worth unpacking. A company called Cookies took Gelato, Lemonade, and Poundcake and turned it into Piss. So long as you’re not put off by that, this strain has a mind-expanding, potent array of powers in store for you. The name is a riff on the old classic, Cat Piss, but the two strains don’t have much in common outside of that.

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Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Its terpenes make the new Piss even funkier and more diesely, combining less common cannabis flavor qualities into a pungent mix that recalls the stinky haze of kitty litter, complete with the taste of ammonia.

Typical Effects


Common Usage


Cheetah Piss is a powerful plant, getting way up into your nose and making your eyes water with its harsh fuel flavor and pungent odor. Those who are inexperienced with a diesel palette or a skunky strain may want to hold off on consuming Cheetah Piss for a while. Experienced users love its perfectly balanced structure (50/50 on Indica and Sativa) and amazing effects.

THC Content












The flavor of fruit, cream, and ammonia has a sweet exhale, heavily pungent, as users begin to feel the effects creep in. It starts as a sensory overload because of the flavor, expanding into your headspace with a sense of euphoric focus. You’ll find your tongue loosening in social situations, your creative juices will be flowing, and you may even experience arousal. Cheetah Piss is a meditation on harshness in your nose, but in your brain it’s an injection of happy clarity.

This makes Cheetah Piss an ideal strain for people who suffer from fatigue or depression and need a mind-booster. Mood swings disappear, stress fades away, and chronic pain subsides when you bathe your brain in Cheetah Piss. Feeling aroused, hungry, sociable, creative, and relaxed indicates a myriad of other uses for the strain as well, including as a treatment for social anxiety, erectile dysfunction, and even writer’s block.

The effectiveness of a strain like Cheetah Piss relies a lot on the user’s experience. While we wouldn’t recommend it for the average user, those experienced in the taste of a good, fuel-flavored hash could get used to Cheetah Piss. They just have to overcome the name.


October 26, 2022

Daniel Joel Ybarra

being a person who sufferes from ptsd i have to say cheeta piss is the answer for those days that you have to go to the market. it makes all of my anziety go away and lets me focus on the task at hand. all in all cheeta piss is a good strai.

September 15, 2022

Robby Rome

Bomb asf makes me bout high as hell.Gets u smacked in 4 hits!!!

June 18, 2022

shana etienne

cheetah piss is exotics and it tastes like passband like ammonia kinda but it doesn't tastes bad it tastes good I know that sounds weird but,its true I been smoking for 24 years Im an exotics smoker ,regular OG smoker and cheetah piss is it HUNEY it hits you so smooth for one second then you be so damn high laughing talking ish happy then so relaxed and high. all 3nof these effects with exotics you usually get 2 crossed effects but the ones with. 3 combos of terms is amazing and this is why cheetah is perfect for all 3 of those effects at the same time your focused relaxed and socially motivated but happy asf enjoy y'all some cheetah piss but go easy on it bc its smooth only for 2 mseconds then boom

May 31, 2022


it have you dazed and confused, in a good way. :)