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History & Genetics

London Poundcake heavily favors indica (it’s 70/30) and delivers a powerful blast of THC like few strains can handle, up to 29% in some cases. Genetically, the strain takes its Sunset Sherbet heritage seriously. The Cookie Fam Genetics, mixed it with an unknown indica to form its own grape-like, tropical nut masterpiece. The high is light at first, but sleuths around in your body for a while before resting on you and allowing you to rest. You won’t be sleepy or sedated on London Poundcake, but that doesn’t stop it from being a great best friend for sufferers of moodiness, depression, and retaining attention.

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Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

London Poundcake doesn’t taste like grape so much as it announces it in loud trumpet blasts of flavor, cloaked in harmonies of sour lemon. The strain only takes on nutty or doughy flavors after a little searching, when the taste of a vanilla cookie starts to hang on the exhale. The first impression is of the outdoors - berries, grapes, and pine. The aftertaste as you sink into your couch is commonly very sour.

Typical Effects


Common Usage

ADHD Symptoms
ADHD Symptoms

The strain grows densely, with dark green buds shaped like olives and a dusting of tiny amber trichomes. It grows long branches over its 10-12 week growing period, which is longer than average. This is why we recommend London Poundcake for experienced growers looking to tackle a bit of a challenge.

THC Content












The London Poundcake high is gentle as it eases off the edges of your stressed-out mind and replaces negative thoughts with relaxed ones. It brings its 29% THC high to bear on your body with a feeling of evenness, creativity, and calm focus. This is why, activity-wise, we recommend London Poundcake when you’re with friends and in the mood to snack, talk, and giggle. It pairs well with going out, playing outside, walking around, going to the movies, hanging out with friends, eating, working on an art project, and more.

Medicinally, London Poundcake works wonders for people suffering from mood disorders and attention deficit issues. Stress, fatigue, and depression can also be treated with London Poundcake. Due to its terpene profile, however, the strain is not known as a great pain reliever.

As a mood-changer, the strain is an overachiever. Watch out for this one if you’re a grower or consumer with low experience – on both fronts, London Poundcake may be more than you can handle. If you have a taste for cake though, there’s nothing quite like it (except cake).


Due to its long branches and above-average flowering time, London Poundcake needs to be nursed. By that, we mean pruning the branches frequently to prevent mold and mildew from forming, which the strain is very susceptible to as it has a hard time with humidity as well. Frequent grooming will also prevent the plant from wasting energy on unprofitable branches.


May 28, 2022

Mash & Banger

Gassy dank and Kush intense flavors and aromas, smooth thick smoke. Strong after taste. Feels like it slows down everything, very same toned - the whole experience, which can be described as mellow, but that’s all you get. Super one noted strain. Which is a paradox for such complex aromas. Though being classified as a late night Indica, don’t expect to get sleepy medicating on that. It’s a weird one, super tasty and definitely an eye candy, but it seems like someone forgot to turn the light on this one.

October 10, 2021

Jameson Morris

Wow! I am not a novice smoker and this strain is exactly what they say it is! I am thoroughly medicated and feeling great. Only one hit so far and bliss. Thank you to The Green Lady on Nantucket Island for the medicine. Super clean burn and tasty too. I don’t need to know the exact genetics to appreciate wonderful smoke. This is one of my new favorites and in the top 10 on my list of “one hit wonders”.

June 20, 2021

Douglas Dumont

Really enjoy this strain I struggle with PTSD and severe panic attacks and have a hard time relaxing. This smoke is amazing for this, I'm a heavy smoker and after 5 or 6 hits I could feel instantly calm and mellow with no worry in the world. A great example of medical marijuana.

September 3, 2020


This strain has good effects, but a strange smell. I see, "chettah piss" is a child strain of this strain. I can see why. When I opened up the container of shatter I immediately thought it smelled like a mix of lemon and urine. The taste is much better. The shatter hits you quick enough and this is a good strain for the evening to chill, and help you sleep.. It is moderately sedating. Euphoric, and a good strain for relieving anxiety if you are in a setting where you're able to take a sedative strain.

March 19, 2020


I love it it is great