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Bio Jesus is an evenly balanced hybrid strain that hails from the Diesel family, though its exact genetics are subject to a lot of speculation. While its appearance is similar to fan favorite Gumbo, its aromas closely resemble that of Bio-Diesel, its more widely known half-brother. Denver Relief Farms was the first to breed this lovely strain but has since passed on the honor to Remedy.

This holy strain boasts an insane average THC level of 28% or more. Some tests have bottomed out at 25% which is still astronomical. This guarantees users a solid, heady high that will have you relaxed, bordering feeling out of it. These light green, sharply scented buds are covered in furry orange hairs and crystallized trichomes, and give off a strong piney flavor and intense diesel flavors. Even with a vaporizer, some say the flavors are too sharp and somewhat unpleasant.

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As with many Diesel bred offspring, the high can be a little bit overwhelming for new or novice users. While it is cerebral in nature, it quickly becomes body numbing and tingly, leaving users ready for sleep only a short time into the high. For those with a higher tolerance, you can still expect a pretty strong couch lock and dumbfounded feeling in the mind. This strain has a tendency to become introspective pretty quickly, so if you have a lot on your mind, now's the time to think it out.

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The medical community loves this strain for its ability to stave off the pain, muscle spasms, cramps, insomnia, and other ailments that respond well to sedatives. Additionally, it is great for those who suffer from mental illness or mood disorders such as depression, stress, bipolar, PTSD, and anxiety. Some users say that the strength of this strain becomes overwhelming and therefore agitating previously existing symptoms, so be cautious and exercise your limits. This strain is also ideal for making butter, tinctures, and oils.

Growing Bio Jesus is an intermediate to advanced endeavor, so be sure you’ve had a few plants under your belt before attempting this one. Because of this you want to keep all of your conditions as ideal as possible, as she is susceptible to heat damage and some fungi. The flowering time on this plant is between 8 to 10 weeks and will give an average to above average yield depending on indoor or outdoor cultivation. For outdoor growers, expect a late September to early October harvest.

Bio Jesus is best enjoyed at night with a vaporizer as even the most seasoned lungs have a tendency to choke on its harsh smoke. After a long day of work, who doesn't love a little night bake to wind them down and get them ready for a full night of sleep? If you can get your hands on this increasingly rare bud, it will do exactly that for you.

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January 1, 2023

Brian B

I had cresco brand from Rise in Ducansville,PA. It was awesome one of my favorites. Def indica dominant. Euphoric,Creativity inspired.

April 4, 2022

Jose Garcia

This batch of BioJesus I got from Remedy(I live in Las Vegas,NV) is coming in HOT @ 34.65%THC !! I forget the Terps, but OH EM GEE. It’s currently 6am rn and I woke up and got ready for work. By 4:15 I was sitting in my car with my freshly cleaned like new bong and 1 gram of BioJesus. Soon as i cracked the jar, my car was instantly filled with a really pungent,sour, smell. I stuck my nose in an took a deep inhale and what I picked up from the scent was a deep Lemon Cleaner Soaked Pine Cones on the ground of a Pine Forest that was jus misted w some type of Diesel Petroleum that had chunks of Aged Gorgonzola floating in the mixture. After smelling this mouth watering smell, I jus had to see what I was sniffin’ on. The nugs frm this batch were a very bright Neon Green and coated w a nice fuzzy layer of thick Golden Yellow Trichomes w Blood Orange Pistil hairs packed together in spots all on the nugs. After admiring the beauty of this strain, I took a pretty nice snapper,cleared it,held it for a second or 2 and the taste I got on the exhale was definitely reminiscent of some kind of Diesel. Super tangy,sour,sharp ammonia taste lingered long after the smoke which was quite enjoyable. Now, because of the THC level coming in @ +34%..the HeadChange I got from 1 nice hit, was a very quickly onsetting cerebral euphoria, feeling like I was “hanging out behind my eyes”, sound was I could hear sounds that were far away as if I was there close by whatever was causing it. After taking another nice snapper and clearing it, the effects I felt turned into a heavy,relaxing mindstate that flowed into a body high. I felt as if I could feel that I am the energy powering this “shell”(body) and it made me feel almost as if I was floating haha I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS STRAIN TO ANY OF MY FELLOW STONERS. Novice and Expert stoners alike. I give this Bio Jesus by Remedy 5 stars all around ! Jus another DUMB FIRE strain you can find out here in the dispensaries in Las Vegas !

October 21, 2021


Really nice strain great analgesia without couchlock or tiredness. And excellent terps but yes its a bit harsh. But harshness is a compromise I'll accept for the excellent overall results for this flower

August 5, 2021


I smoked a little to much before conjuring 2. Great movie but maybe smoke it after instead. I decided to make a tincture with it the next day. I used it for after my hernia surgery with great success. I didn’t need to take opioids just some Tylenol and Bio Jesus.

December 11, 2020

Sharon House

Bio Jesus gave me a nice buzz, but I was smoking it to help me sleep. It did not help with sleep at all.