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Bio Diesel

Bio Diesel

Hybrid - 50%
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
Origin: United States
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About Bio Diesel

Bio Diesel is an evenly balanced hybrid strain that combines the best qualities of a Diesel family child with all the beautiful uniqueness that Colorado has to offer. By crossing Sour Diesel and Sensi Star, Denver Relief Farms took home the 2009 Annual Colorado Medical Marijuana Harvest Cup and with that a ton of new fans. This sweet and spicy strain has a myriad of productive uses in both the medical and the recreational communities.

This strain boasts an above average THC level, coming in at around 20% to 24% on average, and a CBD level that tops 1% in most cases. This guarantees users a solid, heady high that will have you both relaxed and engaged. These olive green, earthy buds are covered in long amber hairs and crystallized trichomes, giving it an almost snowy appearance which compliments its piney flavor and its sharp diesel aromas. The purple hues of the nugs are enveloped by dark purple leaves and boast additional flavors of earth and dark berry.

As with many perfectly balanced strains the Bio Diesel high is both a little bit sativa and a little bit indica, with highly meditative properties while maintaining its energetic vibe. The high begins in your head, jolting you wide-awake and kicking you into a euphoric spin. After an extended ebb and flow of motivation, your entire body will relax and settle in with eased muscles and zero tension. Because of these beautifully crafted effects, users can expect a mellow comedown that won’t leave you too sleepy or unmotivated.

The medical community loves this strain for its ability to completely obliterate pain, muscle spasms, cramps, and other ailments that respond well to sedatives. Additionally it is great for those who suffer from mental illness or mood disorders such as depression, stress, bipolar, and minor bouts of anxiety. Some users say that this strain is helpful in the treatment of PTSD, while others recommend that novice users who suffer from PTSD should steer clear. It is not recommended for anybody who is susceptible to paranoia or struggles with extreme anxiety as some of the energetic effects may agitate symptoms of those issues. In addition to the aforementioned illnesses and disorders, Bio Diesel can also help with lack of appetite and chronic fatigue.

Growing Bio Diesel falls somewhere between intermediate and advanced. While it is not necessarily susceptible to most pests or fungi, it is not said to be completely resistant. Because of this you want to keep all of your conditions top notch. The flowering time on this plant is between 8 to 10 weeks and will give an average to above average yield depending on indoor or outdoor cultivation. For outdoor growers expect a late September to early October harvest.

Cannabis connoisseurs love this strain and you will too. It has all of the telltales of a perfect Diesel strain from the flavor to the aromas to the intensified effects. Enjoy this spicy bud in a flavored blunt wrap for a little extra enjoyment.

THC Content - 24.0% Highest Test

Average Hybrid
Bio Diesel Highest Test
Bio Diesel Average

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