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About Bianca

A legendary strain in her own right, Bianca comes to us from unknown breeders though an incredible three-way cross. By blending White Widow and Afghan with White Queen, this sativa-dominant bud creates an ideal set of effects that are great for all users. Best for late afternoon when you need a bit of a boost before relaxing, Bianca is a gal you’ll turn to over and over again.

THC levels are really gentle in this strain, and as a high of 20% THC may sound like a lot for newbies, her effects are mellow enough to balance it out. A really beautiful strain to note, nugs of Bianca are long and fluffy with green and yellow pistils and trichomes that appear golden in the light. A rich combination of floral and hash notes blend together with touches of incense and wood to create a luxurious flavor and aroma.

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An interesting set of effects awaits you here, as Bianca walks the perfect line between a hazy mind and focused clarity. Weird, right? Depending on your tolerance level, you may notice that you can dial in your thoughts for a short period of time and get some things done, but expect to eventually become super relaxed and even a bit sleepy. You’ll remain happy throughout, and if you’re sensitive to cannabis, in general, you may experience a case of the munchies too.

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A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite

Given that Bianca practically waves a magic wand and wipes away your negative thoughts, any instances of depression or stress will go out the window. Medical patients particularly love this strain for her ability to help with a myriad of other issues as well, including insomnia, nausea, and appetite concerns. Although her THC levels aren’t super high, this strain imparts a strong enough set of effects to make her a worthy part of anyone’s medicine chest.

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Bianca is a great choice if you’re looking to cultivate plants at home, and grows well indoors and outside. Plants tend to be very short yet sturdy, so even those in more inclement climates may be able to grow her outdoors with few issues. A quick flowering strain, she’s typically ready between 6 and 8 weeks and will produce a good sized yield. While all strains tend to like light, Bianca may need more than you’d initially think, so make sure to pay extra care to her during the budding period.

When the end of the workday is in sight and you have nothing on your agenda for the rest of the evening, toke a bit of Bianca and start your night right. A burst of euphoria will help you to get through your last few tasks before heading home to kick up your feet, enjoy some delicious snacks, and sleep like a baby.

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May 15, 2021


Got this today because I was intrigued by the white widow hybrid strain. It has great reviews after research and upon purchase I am extremely satisfied with this bud. I am a daily smoker, I have anxiety, I tend to snack a lot and I need a good medicine for my leg pain at night. This weed smells and tastes as amazing as it feels. My pain went away, I didn’t feel too anxious or nervous. It really helped me relax. I recommend you smell the bud more then 3 times as each Inhale is a new aroma, from piney to citrus. It’s very smooth to smoke, no heavy goop at the back of my throat and I don’t have terrible cotton mouth, it’s a very soft feel smoke. Instantly it works cleaning any negative vibes putting me in a super relaxed mode. This strain is definitely not for beginners unless it’s toked in small dose. One bowl lasted me quite some time. I will be excited to see when this strain is offered again to scoop it up!! Must Try!

July 24, 2019


Bianca is not the girl for me, more than one go and I start tripping balls like I dropped some acid, usually too much sativa makes me anxious, but Bianca makes me afraid.. she's not the high I'm looking for.