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About Bakerstreet

History & Genetics

It may share its name with famed fictional detective Sherlock Holmes’ residence in London, but there’s no mystery about what makes this potent bud so popular. A pure indica, Bakerstreet was developed by Canadian breeders Tweed and is derived from landrace Hindu Kush genetics. It offers a unique and rich aroma and enduring sedative effects. Bakerstreet has been found to have consistently high levels of THC at between 16% and 28%.

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Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Bakerstreet sets itself apart from the outset with solid, well-formed flowers. These buds have a decidedly compact indica structure and adhere in a remarkably rounded, almost spherical formation. The leaves are a deep, mossy green and are twisted through with orange and brown pistils. Translucent, icy-looking trichomes coat these already eye-catching flowers, making them glisten and giving them a very sticky texture.

Typical Effects


Common Usage


When properly cured, Bakerstreet’s flowers carry a simultaneously sweet and sour scent, somewhat like gasoline or fermented vegetable matter. On closer inspection, there’s also a pungent tang of cheese. Grinding up these nuggets releases hash, incense-like notes often associated with this strain’s Hindu Kush ancestry. When combusted, Bakerstreet burns with a harsh smoke that can sting the sinuses and palate with its acrid aroma. The smoke tastes sweet with slightly astringent diesel fumes on the exhale.

THC Content












Bakerstreet’s high is a true creeper, taking several minutes after ingestion to begin exerting its potent effects. Eventually, consumers are struck by an increased blood pressure in the face, particularly around the temples and eyes. As these symptoms abate, consumers may notice that their sensory perception is warped -- certain sights and sounds might seem more intense or dynamic, while visual distortions like a flattening of depth perception are also commonly reported. Those who enjoy these kinds of trippy phenomena can push them to the edge by turning on a captivating movie or a playlist (if you’re feeling meta, Gerry Rafferty’s moody sax single Baker Street can lay down a nice musical foundation for Bakerstreet).

Other than these psychedelic touches, Bakerstreet does not do much in the way of mental stimulation, and those looking to probe some difficult questions or problem-solving scenarios while under this strain’s influence may be disappointed. Instead, this indica is primarily valuable for its heavy and immersive body high. Within relatively little time, smokers experience waves of relaxation radiating out through the core and extremities. Any knots of physical tension may be undone by this therapeutic bud, which tends to have its consumers making a beeline for a comfortable surface on which to lie down.

As the body high becomes more and more pronounced, couchlock is a real possibility. At this point, simply kick back and breathe deeply and easily while starting a binge-watching session or a similarly passive activity. Because of its almost entirely sleepy vibes, Bakerstreet is best reserved for evening use -- or at least for use on a day when the smoker has nothing to accomplish.

Bakerstreet’s sedation makes it an efficient strain for medical cannabis patients as well. Its ability to quiet mental chatter may temporarily improve the symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. This bud may also dull physical pain, whether it’s temporary, as due to injury, or chronic, as due to conditions like arthritis or lupus. Anti-inflammatory properties, meanwhile, can potentially take care of everyday irritations like headaches. Because it is known to bring about intense, paranoid states of thinking, Bakerstreet can be a good option for those who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance.

Bakerstreet’s stony body high makes it a great treat for the end of a long day or week of work. The strain can be fun for some introspective solo time or as a way to share time with good friends.


Tweed tends to maintain a proprietary hold on its product stock; as such, seeds of the strain are not available for sale online. Those looking to grow this indica at home should try to obtain clippings from mature Bakerstreet plants from a trusted source. These clippings can be fostered as “clones” either indoors or outdoors in a hot, sunny, and humid climate. Plants will grow short and bushy with strong lateral branching and may flower between 8 and 9 weeks.


January 29, 2022

Joey W

This strain of Indica is a revelation! I have not had a good experience with edibles and vape THC. I found eyes less intense and euphoric. I took 40 mg of the BAKERSTREET little purple gel capsules and drank some coffee. An hourLater I am blasted out of my GOURD! I am euphoric laid out like a carpet ….. FUCKING BEST HIGH EVER…Thank the Lord!

November 19, 2021

Jeremy Johnson

There's a reason why this is rated 5 because without a doubt this pure indica strain Bakerstreet will get you high only with a few puffs and I mean high high. This strain never disappoints ever only because of one simple reason is that this strains is always super powerful and crazy potent where every muscle loosens right up and you feel your eyes heavy and half-way shut. Like boom you know you're so high it's crazy!

October 22, 2021


I love this strain. I'm a lazy person by nature, and it makes me go, go, go. It's like a herbal cocaine (not that I've ever done coke, lol!). Clear thoughts, great for doing introspective work.

December 18, 2019

Constance Richards

I love Bakerstreet!!! I am an Indica person, Ive smoked a decent amount of everything. Bakerstreet is a lil slow to feel when smoked then boom you feel remarkably high. It has a nice gentle euphoria with good anxiety and pain relieving qualities. it allows your brain to be open to stimuli and be reserved enough to not react but to absorb an experience from a third person perspective and understand it for what it is.