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Apollo 13

Apollo 13

Sativa - 85% Leaning
Recommended time of use: Morning
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About Apollo 13

Apollo 13 is Sativa dominant and is known for providing a psychedelic and spacey head high. First and foremost, users report a rise in creativity, followed by uplifted mood and feelings of euphoria. Like other Sativa strains, this one is also known to give users energy. One of the most interesting benefits of this strain, that is contrary to cannabis reputation, is the increase in focus it induces. An increase in prescription volume for adults with ADD has been reported in some states on the West Coast. This strain also produces some of the common negative side effects, including dry mouth and eyes, anxiety, headaches and paranoia.

As other Sativas, Apollo 13 is best used early in the day and is recommended for people living  with stress, anxiety and depression. Although not helpful in treatment of severe pain, the strain has been used by some people to relieve minor aches. Apollo 13 can also be used to relieve nausea and induce appetite.

Apollo 13's genetics were designed by the Brothers Grimm as a cross between Genius and Princess 75. This strain is especially recommended for beginner growers because it requires little attention. After flowering seven to eight weeks, Apollo 13 will produce a heavy yield. It is ideal for an indoor Sea of Green setup, but in the proper climate can also be grown outdoors. Other breeders have also released their own versions of Apollo 13.

THC Content - 17.9% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Apollo 13 Highest Test
Apollo 13 Average

Common Usage


Cotton Mouth


June 12, 2017
Great strain. Love the flavor, the stimulation and euphoria. Hard to come by such an all around gem besides a good sour diesel or green crack. Mild paranoia with coffee. Received a free 1/8th of spills 13 at NuLeaf dispensary at incline village NV yesterday. Worth the 72 mile round trip.
Red Aunders
May 16, 2017
Cant find this strain in any dispensary near my house anymore. What happened to it???? It was the best strain I've ever smoked and I still look around for it, but honestly haven't seen it in a dispensary since 2015. It used to be my go to wake up strain. One hit in the morning and I was full of energy...like I drank a cup of coffee...and in a chipper mood all day long.
Rt Wally
May 05, 2017
Love the Apollo 13. Haven't been able to find it but a few times. Nice strong uppity sativa.
Robert Tompkins
January 13, 2017
loved it
Josh Solomon
November 03, 2016
Love this strain. Gives me giggles, energy and cerebral stimulation, but still keeps me mellow and not too paranoid.
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