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Zookies is a crazy-named, peppery, cramp-relieving strain from the Cookie family. Alien Labs created this 50/50 balanced hybrid strain from Gorilla Glue #4 and Animal Cookies. Be warned that it sits in the mid-20s for THC so only users with a good amount of experience should apply for a job at Zookies. The high lasts long and hard in your head, calming and distracting you, and then progressing through the rest of your body. An appealing aroma tops the list of reasons people keep coming back for Zookies.

The strain’s terpene profile includes a healthy dose of Caryophyllene, which is where the strain brings in the flavor of black pepper, which will sit right on the tip of your tongue and fight inflammation. Those with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) can make great use of Caryophyllene. The other terpene is the citrusy antibacterial terpene called Limonene.

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The plant grows in dense, round, dark green and purple nugs. Its amber hairs are thin and the trichomes are a thick and opaque white. The strain is difficult to grow due to its collection of sticky trichomes and the size of the colas. In humid growing conditions, the strain is very susceptible to growths of mold, which makes it imperative to monitor humidity closely for your Zookies crop.

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Women's Health
Women's Health

GROWING TIP: This strain grows bushy and robust like a classic Sativa. The plant’s tops will need to be controlled with trellis netting, which will help you control the plants not only for its own growth pattern but for the sake of other plants in your garden.

After it’s grown and in your hands, Zookies tastes of nuts, cookie dough, and a hint of fuel. There are floral tastes, hints of coffee and chocolate, and the aforementioned spicy black pepper. The aroma is really similar, starting out with a dessert-like warmth, nuts and cream and chocolate, and progressing to a scent of peppery fuel. The depth and complexity of the strain is one reason to give it a chance.

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Beyond that, it has medicinal effects that you might expect to be powerful, with 25% THC on the high end. Zookies is a favorite strain for users who experience heavy cramping during their periods, battle a chronic pain condition related to muscle spasms, or live in depression. The delicious flavors can also help restart your appetite.

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Growers who live in Mediterranean climates have the advantage growing Zookies since maintaining the low humidity and temperature will be expensive in colder areas. But if you can grow it or you’re content with only using it, Zookies has a lot to offer lovers of pepper cookies and nuts, smashed into a vapor in your living room.


May 6, 2023


This strain was just really good. I mean it wasn't epic or the best ever, but it was just really really good. I liked it & obviously 4 stars to me says I would absolutely buy/smoke it again.

July 9, 2020

Brooke G

A very strong wonderful strain. Knocks pain right out. Takes away my anxiety and helps with the nerve and muscle spasms. This is a great medical pain relief strain.

March 16, 2020


Riverview Farms Zookies harvested in January 2020. Smalls were bright green but shimmered silver with complete trichrome coverage. Smooth smoke. Perfect functional hybrid. Eases back pain but doesn't slow me down.