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About Watermelon Zkittlez

Mouthwatering Watermelon Zkittlez was bred by Dying Breed Seeds from Watermelon and Zkittlez (surprise!). This strain wears its flavor on its sleeve – you know right away what you’re getting when you look at its parents and get a pungent whiff of its sour fruity goodness. The punchy, cerebral effects can help you handle a bad evening by making it heavy with unfocused bliss. As a mood-enhancing weed, this strain is cerebral-wonderful.

Growers should be happy with Watermelon Zkittlez crops since they won’t put up a fuss indoors or out. The buds come in huge at around 63 days, with towering colas of alien Christmas trees, with buds on every branch. They’re deep green and purple, spotted with orange and red streaks of pistils, and glittering with crystal trichomes. The leaves are broad and purple.

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Under the assumption that something called Watermelon Zkittlez tastes like a sweet trip to the candy store, you won’t be disappointed here. The strain is packed with sweet citrus and watermelon flavors, as well as a sour, pungent inhale and earthy exhale. The smell is a haze of citrus and herbal earth tones that really settle into the room and make you feel good. It’s like breathing candy.

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The bright flavors complement the mind-brightening effects. Watermelon Zkittlez is a cerebral strain perfect for lazy nights alone. You’ll feel unfocused, euphoric, giddy, and giggly. The deep relaxation of the rushing, heady energy will help you cope with mood and anxiety issues. Stress will dissipate. Pain and even neuropathy will seem to alleviate while your mind is floating effortlessly on a Watermelon Zkittlez rush.

With feelings of bliss, you’ll be launched like a mental rocket through the sweet-scented experience of Watermelon ZKittlez. For fruit-lovers, it’s a fantastic high. The strain leans 70/30 Indica and levels out in THC around 25% on average, which is a hefty amount for even experienced users. Growers love the heavy yield of this plant, sometimes being able to produce as much as 1kg per plant with the right treatment. Despite being Indica-dominant, the growing pattern is unmistakably Sativa, meaning it grows tall and fast.

If your indoor garden can handle this lanky strain and your taste buds are prepared for a Watermelon candy fruit blast as strong as a 90s Skittles commercial, you might need a serving of this strain for your long evenings. We promise it’ll burn bright (you will too).


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Recent Customer Reviews

Tom Callen

Picked up this strain at the Cheech and Chong coffeeshop in Amsterdam with my buddy. We went in there looking for the most expensive strain and this was the one. Smelling this strain is like choking on candy and smoking it will leave you wondering whether or not you just smoked an actual watermelon. The high was very intense and although it is an indica, we actually ended up riding around the city of Amsterdam on our bikes which was a very unreal and fun experience. A bit pricey but you won't regret it.