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Twilight is a pure Indica adapted from an original Afghani landrace strain. Amsterdam seed bank Dutch Passion cultivated Afghani plants from seed in the 1980s, breeding them to withstand a European climate - Twilight was the potent result. Although THC content is only a moderate 17%, this strain has the long-lasting Indica body stone typical of its lineage.

Twilight buds are large, chunky, and hairy with neon green leaves. The original Afghani parent strain had some purple hues - accordingly, some buds of Twilight can have leaves that range from red to purple depending on the inclination of individual genotypes to produce anthocyanin pigment. The scent is primarily smooth and citrusy, with a diesel undertone that doesn’t overpower as it will in other strains. Lemon flavors intensify on smoking, with a faint chemical, diesel-like aftertaste on exhale. 

The high from this strain creeps up slowly, with a tangible body high you might not detect until you try and stand. Couchlock can be common, and may intensify with continued consumption. These thorough sedative effects are matched by an easy, mellow euphoria. Disorientation or confusion are not as commonly reported - the mental uplift prevents heavy bodily effects from becoming incapacitating, making this a good strain for evening use, or, for a more experienced consumer, relaxed daytime use. Twilight can be a gentle option for mild insomnia, as well as general stress and chronic pain.

Because of its stable landrace genetics, Twilight can be more resistant to environmental stress. As a result, unlike many other indicas, it can thrive when grown outdoors. Plants average between 3 and 5 feet in height and have a high yield and very high resin production. Flowering happens outdoors in late September or Early October and indoors between 50 and 60 days.

Unusual in its genetic integrity, Twilight brings the allure of a potent and physically resilient landrace to the modern market. Successfully harvested both commercially and by home growers, it can be enjoyed on its own merits or crossbred to create stable, potent new varieties.

THC Content - 21.0% Highest Test

Average Indica
Twilight Highest Test
Twilight Average

Common Usage - Insomnia

Effects - Euphoria

Parent Strains
Countries of Origin
  • Afghanistan
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