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Thai Haze is a hybrid that combines two powerful sativas to yield high-flying daytime energy. Crossed from a Thai landrace variety and staple strain Haze (which itself is crossed from several landraces), this bud offers cerebral effects alongside an earthy, herbal flavor profile. Its mood-enhancing properties can be an especially fun way to pass the time with friends. Its THC levels have been measured at between 15% and 21%.

Flowers of Thai Haze are on the smaller side and cling together in tight, popcorn-like clusters. The pebbly buds are somewhat compact at their core but have long leaves that spiral loosely outward. The leaves themselves are a dark, mossy green, and are shot through with a higher than usual volume of fiery orange pistils. Finally, translucent amber-colored trichomes cover these buds, making them very difficult to break up without the help of a quality grinder.

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A woodsy, pine-like aroma wafts up from buds of Thai Haze. Closer inspection reveals some sour, skunky notes as well. Meanwhile, grinding them up releases the spicy and herbal odors usually associated with parent strain Haze. When burnt, Thai Haze can give off a harsh and acrid smoke that’s liable to tickle the sinuses and palate. This thick smoke carries flavors of pine and some black pepper on the exhale.

As you might expect from a sativa this purebred, Thai Haze is incredibly fast-acting, striking the smoker before they're even finished coughing on its thick smoke. Initial signs that the strain is doing it job may be a tingle in the temples or along the jaw, along with an increased production of saliva or a flushing in the cheeks. After these odd sensations become normalized, thoughts begin to take on an intensified quality, with consumers becoming easily immersed in their own internal monologues. Some ideas or concepts may occupy more attention than they ordinarily might and may lead the user to follow a chain of free association. While some may find this sense of mind race to be disorienting or anxiety-inducing, those more accustomed to sativa strains can burn off its energy in a variety of ways. Thai Haze’s tendency toward cerebral thinking can be a good way to accomplish detailed, work-related tasks, as well as more creative projects that require brainstorming. It may also provide some much-needed background amusement for getting through mundane chores like doing the dishes or the laundry. Even as the high progresses or the dosage is increased, Thai Haze is not likely to bring about many physical effects. Rather than be relaxed or numbed by body melt, users are more likely to be motivated and slightly jumpy. If so inclined, users can put this friskiness to use with some light exercise -- or, in the right set and setting, sex. Thai Haze also sets the stage for easy conversation and camaraderie, making it a good way to brighten up parties. Because its high is almost entirely upbeat and energetic, Thai Haze is better suited to daytime than to evening or nighttime use.

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ADHD Symptoms
ADHD Symptoms

Thai Haze may have several applications for medical cannabis patients as well. It can be a boon to those with attention deficit disorders, helping them to maintain concentration. It can also have provided temporary relief from the troubling symptoms of stress and depression. Thai Haze’s anti-inflammatory properties can also mild physical pain due to common irritations like headaches or cramping. Because it fuels recursive, cerebral patterns of thinking, Thai Haze is not recommended for patients who are prone to panic or paranoia or who have a low THC tolerance.

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Seeds of Thai Haze are available for sale online. It can be grown indoors or outdoors in semi-humid, Mediterranean-like conditions; that said, the plant’s full suite of landrace genetics (it is descended from Asian and South and Central American strains on both sides) makes it a hardy, resilient grow. Plants tend to grow very tall and may need to be pruned back occasionally to fit in indoor spaces. The strain has a long flowering time of at least 9 weeks and offers gardeners a medium yield come harvest time.

Thai Haze’s bright, upbeat energy makes it a great wake-and-bake bud to pair with a cup of coffee. It can be as fun in social situations as it is for enjoying introspective solo time.