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Tesla Tower

Tesla Tower

Sativa - 70% Leaning
Lineage: White Fire OG
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
Origin: United States
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About Tesla Tower

Nikola Tesla was a pioneering scientist whose study of electricity and alternating currents laid the groundwork for the modern concept of renewable energy. Sativa-dominant hybrid Tesla Tower (named after the scientist’s early radio transmission station on Long Island) is as inspiring as Tesla himself. This electrifying strain was bred by Lazy Bee Genetics, Washington state growers who maintain an ecologically-sustainable approach to cannabis cultivation. Tesla Tower is a cross between Lazy Bee’s own Wifi (aka White Fire OG) and trichome-covered Snowcap. This bud was potent enough to earn recognition from Dope Magazine, having been named the publication’s 2017 runner-up for Best Sativa. Tesla Tower’s psychoactivity has been measured at between 13% and 22% THC.

Despite mostly sativa genetics, Tesla Tower has tight and solid indica-like buds, marked by an almost spherical shape. Its leaves are a mossy green and are threaded through with curly orange hairs (which are actually pistils, structures meant to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants). These buds are also coated in silvery trichomes that almost obscure the flowers’ natural coloring.

Lazy Bee has a stated commitment to cultivating complex terpene profiles in their flagship strains, and it shows in Tesla Tower. When properly cured, the flowers have a woodsy, piney scent with some dank, kushy aroma underneath. Grinding up or breaking open the buds offers some sour citrus notes as well. When combusted, Tesla Tower burns with a smoke that is thick and rich, but surprisingly smooth on the lungs. This aromatic smoke has a distinct floral taste on the exhale.

Tesla Tower’s buzzy high takes hold almost immediately -- smokers may notice a constriction of blood vessels around the eyes and temples before they’ve even finished exhaling this strain’s flavorful smoke. This physical twinge is soon matched by a burst of energy that can provide the motivation necessary for pursuits like exercising or tackling a pile of work. Tesla Tower may also enhance more mundane chores like cleaning the house. After some time, many smokers report a strong uptick in freely-associative, rapid-fire thought patterns. This cerebral ethos may be overwhelming for some; in the right set and setting, though, it can be a great aid for brainstorming or for working through a complex problem-solving scenario. Tesla Tower comes with little to no physical effects and certainly none of the incapacitating couchlock that comes with more indica-influenced strains. Because of the heights of its euphoric and stimulating beginnings, this high may cause some users to “crash” with drowsiness when it ends. Nevertheless, this energetic bud is a great daytime smoke and is particularly well-suited to waking-and-baking.

Tesla Tower may also have practical applications for medical cannabis patients. Its head-focused effects may allow those with attention deficit disorders to maintain long-lasting focus on single tasks. Its mood-elevating qualities can also help those suffering from stress and depression to spend their time more consciously and mindfully than they otherwise might. Anti-inflammatory properties can alleviate everyday irritations like headaches or nausea. Because of the potentially disorienting mindrace associated with its onset, Tesla Tower is not a good choice for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.

Lazy Bee Genetics has not made seeds of Tesla Tower available for sale online; as such, those looking to grow the strain at home must obtain clippings from mature, healthy plants in order to grow genetically identical “clones.” Although there is little information available on best practices for cultivation of this specific strain, we know that, like many hybrids, it can be grown indoors or out (although success outdoors calls for a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate with consistent daylight)

A must-try for sativa lovers, Tesla Tower is an ideal for everything from finding the motivation to exercise to stumbling across the creative inspiration needed to work on a personal project. It is somewhat difficult to come by outside of the Pacific Northwest and should be snatched up if ever spotted on dispensary shelves.

THC Content - 22.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Tesla Tower Highest Test
Tesla Tower Average

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