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History & Genetics

There are two major cultivars both going under the name Strawberry Shortcake, one sativa, one indica. The sativa version, bred by Dark Horse Genetics, is a 75/25 hybrid with Juliet and Strawberry Diesel parents.

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Appearance, Aroma, & Flavor

What follows below is a breakdown of the sativa Strawberry Shortcake: The syrupy, fruity-sweet flavor hits like cream, strawberries, and biscuits, just as you’d expect from the name. The dessert is a Summertime classic – maybe the strain will be too? If you find yourself stressed beyond the ability to sleep or distracted by mental trauma and mood swings, you may need a pick-me-up.

Typical Effects


Common Usage

Traumatic Stress
Traumatic Stress

When you smoke Strawberry Shortcake, it goes down incredibly smooth. The aroma is like the creamy, buttery scent of biscuits amidst the overwhelming smell of berries. If you like fruit in your strain, this is the one. The dominant terpene is called ocimene and gives the strain its incredible sweetness. The taste is pungent, tapering off into floral and earth tones as well. On the exhale, there’s a potent overtone of fuel flavor that sits on your tongue, sour and heavy.

THC Content












It comes on quickly, quietly rushing in your brain with a sense of incredible, uplifting euphoria. Users describe it as “glee” and “creative energy.” They feel motivated to do stuff, from work to hobbies to hanging out with friends. You feel calm but, crucially, the strain doesn’t make you feel couch-locked. For people who are always on the go, and always stressed, this strain will help you find a little bliss without forcing you to slow down.

As you smoke, you’ll feel giggly and focused, and creative. You’ll want to jump at the chance to take a smoke of berry syrup and enjoy the full-body calming sensation of this delicious strain. Those who suffer from PTSD, stress, and depression use Strawberry Shortcake as a perfect pick-me-up. Those who feel fatigued during the busy week love that the strain doesn’t make you tired. On the contrary, this strain is for people who want to go, go, go.


The strain grows in tiny, densely packed buds that look like small green stones. It has plentiful dark leaves and a light dusting of crystal trichomes. Growers love the strain’s medium height yet high yields (it can give you as much as 32 oz per plant when treated well). Strawberry Shortcake grows compact, dense, and sticky – perfect for people with limited growing space and warm weather. Experienced growers recommend growing outdoors and watering it frequently if you want to maximize its yields.


March 1, 2023


Apparently Candice can't read or spell; this Strawberry Shortcake page is for the sativa type. It also has an indica type which acts differently, so users should be aware of what type they're buying so they can find their preferred form of this lovely strain. I've only tried the sativa and it's great for a wake and bake. Clear and motivational, makes chores tolerable and leaves you feeling optimistic with a berry cake aftertaste and no paranoia. Highly recommend!

December 14, 2022


My eighth of Strawberry Shortcake 🍰 was by AIMS Horticulture & it was a Sativa Dominate (70%+) Hybrid containing 23.95% THC. Happy, uplifted, energetic were my effects. Sweet, vanilla, strawberry 🍓, diesel was the awesome flavor profile. 🚬 Enjoy The Pleasure Of The Smoke 🚬

September 18, 2022

Candice Morrison

This is notna sativa strain it's a indica strain. That's y ur gettingna body calm and high

December 16, 2021


Gives a nice full-body calm like advertised. Got it as my first d8 cart and love it. Let's me check out from stressors without feeling like I'm in a dissociative episode. Keeping track of a conversation isn't something you'll do very well on this one, but you can start a good one.