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The name is a dead giveaway to where this ultra-popular strain finds its roots. With parents from both the Skunk and the Haze family, you’re guaranteed a heady high that is indicative of the legacy it is tasked to uphold. Skunk Haze was created by Switzerland’s Mr. Nice Seed as a way to keep all the good qualities of its lineage while weeding out the not so good qualities. This strain has rapidly climbed the ranks from the new guy on campus to fan favorite for its easy smoke-ability and any time use.

Though THC levels are still relatively low, ranging from 1% to 9% on average, it’s really the high CBD content that makes this one shine. Muskiness and earth make up the scent of this bud, while citrus, sugar, and skunk dance heavily on the tongue. In most cases hearing that ‘skunk’ was one of the primary flavors might throw a person off, but for fans of the Skunk family, that is music to the ears. This strain is rich in olive tones that even come off dusty or sandy in some light. The light amber hairs and slight spattering of trichomes give these smaller than normal buds a unique touch.

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In the spirit of trying to get a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD, the breeders actually created a mellow high that brings you into the clouds while still weighing your body back on earth. The energetic euphoria that comes with Skunk Haze serves as more of a mental relief than anything else. It offers an immediate head high and a slow rolling, long-lasting body high that leaves you feeling lifted but relaxed. Recommended for any level of experience and at any time of day, this musky bud will have you feeling jazzed and happy no matter what is on your to-do list.

Typical Effects


Though Skunk Haze is used recreationally, it really shines medicinally. Because of its ability to uplift your mood and soothe stresses, it is highly recommended for mood disorders and mental health issues that stem from depression, stress, mild anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Many users also find the CBD content to be beneficial for pain, muscle spasms, and tension. This is a unique blend of sativa and indica, and the THC and CBD levels will get you floating on air but won’t have you losing focus.

Like the name would suggest, this is a very stinky plant. Because of that many growers prefer to keep it outdoors, though it will flower in most scenarios. Skunk Haze is a resilient plant and is especially resistant to fungus, which makes this plant great for beginning cultivators or those who want to build up confidence in their craft. You will, however, need patience as Skunk Haze will flower in 9 to 11 weeks. If you have the time, your effort will pay off in an above average yield in the right conditions.

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When you find yourself at the end of a long and stressful day reach for Skunk Haze and let it all fall by the wayside. Feel great as you naturally shed your worries with ease. This is a super satisfying high that boasts flavors that take you back to your early indulgent days of marijuana use.

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March 2, 2021

Morgan Tyler

Fairly good high but takes a little to kick in

October 10, 2020


This is my first time trying it- I bought it on the recommendation of a budtender in Portland, Oregon. It has a remarkably pleasant smell despite the skunk name- it makes me think of guava candy, or lemon-flavored Turkish Delight. I bought it because I was stressed and my knees are giving me a hard time today, and after a few minutes of smoking, I'm feeling both relaxed and awake. It's a really great high for playing games or doing something fun and brain-engaging. It's certainly more energetic than I expected. I'm so glad I tried it; I'm boring and usually stick to Cherry Pie or GSC over and over.

November 25, 2019

Queen Joyful 65

Last night was the first time I tried the medical marijuana strain by Tantalus Prime in BC.I opened the box and the 3.5g container has a very pungent odour, but not unpleasant.I chose this strain because I have Bipolar mood disorder and just found out I have shingles. Both of those were conditions that recommended Skunk Haze to help.I tried to sleep but could not get comfortable and got out of bed to use Skunk Haze and found it to be very sticky and thick buds that had a large flowers. There was a harsh taste after many pulls on the vape that had the taste of earthiness and peppery flavours. I expected it be harsh from the start but it was mild.I started to cough on the second round. Either way, it was a great feeling with a heaviness that sent me to bed without added pain and I slept till morning. Then I felt like eating. I was hungry. I would try it again.