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This extremely rare strain brought to you by DNA Genetics under their Reserva Privada label is a sativa-dominant blend of Silver Bubble and OG #18 that will have users spinning with delight after just a few puffs. As suggested by its lineage, Silver Kush offers euphoric cerebral ups and tingling body downs.

Of course, with a whopping 22% THC on average, with levels reaching much higher than that in the right growing conditions, it is no wonder where this strain gets its mind-numbing effects from. Characteristic of a classic Kush, this olive green bud gives off a spicy, almost herbal aroma that only heightens with a kick of mint when the buds are broken apart. When smoked, the large spade-shaped nugs impart a flavor much the same as their aroma with a cooling mint burst upon the exhale. The rich amber and violet hairs give Silver Kush a mystical look complimentary of the high it brings to the table.

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On the first puff, enjoy how the refreshing mint flavored smoke fills your lungs and brings with it a heady rush that sways quickly into a happy and euphoric feeling. This is an evolving high that will soon have you lethargic and overwhelmingly giggly, so find a nice place to hunker down as the body heaviness sinks in. These effects are smooth in their transitions, making it great for smokers of any experience level.

Typical Effects


Common Usage


The strength of Silver Kush’s effects makes it perfect for users suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms, and eye pressure. It eases tension in your body and replaces it with tingly, albeit giggly, relief. Silver Kush is also a great strain for those who struggle with mood disorders such as depression and stress. Its ability to calm and uplift make it a favorite for many. For novice users, take this one slow. Although it’s fine for use at any expertise, this is still a powerful bud.

If you like what you hear, you’ll love Silver Kush even more in a moment: high yield with minimal effort. This plant, like its parents, does well inside or outside and will produce an above average yield in most conditions. The plants grow tall and wide and should be pruned regularly. If you need to be discreet, consider a smell proof system for indoor cultivation.

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Two award-winning parents? Check. A classic giggly high that leaves you blissfully lethargic? Check. Tasty, smells good, and is easy to grow? Check, check and check. If you were looking for a reason to dislike this bud, you’ve come to the wrong place - this rare babe is worth the hunt.

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November 5, 2019


I feels it makes me happy and laugh.

March 2, 2019

Jay Jackson

Wow! This wood is better than advertised! I’m currently blowing a blunt of it with a female companion and we’re grooving! Looking forward to the rest of the night. Jah Bless!