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About Purple Urkle

Purple Urkle is perhaps one of the most famous Indica strains around yet it's origins are still mostly a mystery. What we do know is that the strain has been around since the 1980's and was originally grown in the Emerald Triangle area of northern California (Humboldt County). It is regularly referred to as "Purple Urple" and occasionally "The Urkle". 

While most veteran cannabis growers in the Emerald Triangle region are generally tight lipped about their strain hybrids and genetics, most growers assume Purple Urkle was the offspring of either Mendocino Purps or Granddaddy Purple

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It's effects, taste and smell are fairly consistent with most purple strains of marijuana when grown properly. Purple Urkle has a sweet and skunky smell generally containing the aromas of tropical fruit, grapes, fruity pebbles and skunk. As with many heavy Indica strains it's effects can be quite lethargic and relaxing making it an excellent strain for insomnia and anxiety. It is also used regularly for pain management and as an appetite stimulant. 

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Due to it's sedating effects it is best left for late evening or night time use. It has also been known to be a 'two-hitter-quitter' strain - meaning two hits is generally enough to get the full effects. With THC percentages well into the 20's we would recommend lower doses to start, especially for novice users.

Purple Urkle is a very slow growing strain especially when growing outdoors. When growing outside it generally takes a full 5 months to flower while flowering time indoors can be as quick as 8 weeks. As with many Indica's the strain remains fairly short and stocky with yields slightly lower than average. Expect 1-2 ounces per plant on an indoor grow and roughly 1/2 pound per plant on an outdoor grow. 

Recent Customer Reviews

Cheryl Mullin

Absolutely love the purple urkle such an amazing flavor very smooth smoke. It was my first time trying it this evening and I couldn't be more happier. I love flower that has different fruit flavors and this is absolutely one of my favs now.


All Hail the All Mighty PURPLE URKLE! Now this is what medical marijuana is. You wanna try to doubt the positive effects of weed, I dare you to try a quality growers product of this strain and tell me I'm wrong. I triple dog dare you! I have had about 6 or 7 different kinds of the Urkle and about 3 of those kinds were out of this world while the others were a huge let down. fyi.

Jacques Barnard

Im more of a sativa guy, but I seriously enjoyed this strain...you do wanna melt in-da-couch, but you will still be able to function.....albeit EXTREMELY slowly....highly recommend for a lazy and chilled sunday arvie!

William ty Flippo

I recently purchased a small amount of marijuana and was told it was purple urkle. When I seen it I was impressed by the way it looked but it didn't have any smell or taste. Very low amount of thc if any. Just curious if anyone can tell me if this stuff exists and if so send a screenshot please