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History & Genetics

Private Reserve, also known as OG #18 or PR, is a perfectly blended hybrid by Sote’s Choice that has wide appeal due to its array of effects. Though it is a powerful strain, this OG centric strain is found to be popular among the medical community, no matter your experience level, for its ability to stave off aches and pains and ease users into a peaceful frame of mind.

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The exact THC levels are unknown, though because of its potency it is believed to reach above 20% with some even saying it must be closer to 25%. Whatever the case, the effects are pretty consistent.

Typical Effects


Common Usage

A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite

Appearance, Aroma, & Flavor

These forest green buds are covered in bright orange hairs and give off a tantalizing aroma of sour citrus and sugary sweetness. It would be deceiving not to mention its heavy skunk influences as they are both on the nose and tongue, but for OG lovers, this is no issue. In fact, it’s a good thing, as the flavors have hints of pine and sugar as well.

THC Content












The PR high is a little something extra. You’ll immediately feel the relief of the strain working its way through your bloodstream and relaxing all your kinks from the day. Many consider this a one-hitter quitter, however, if you are ripping from a bong it might even be a half-a-hitter quitter. This strong high has a tendency to knock the user clean out, but not without first giving them a ravenous case of the munchies. The deep mental peace you find from this strain keeps it a favorite amongst experienced smokers as the effects don’t typically hit advanced smokers as hard.

Did we mention that this one hits you right in the gut? This quality makes it perfect for anyone who struggles with lack of appetite, nausea, or digestive issues. PR is also highly beneficial to those who have trouble sleeping, be it from insomnia, restless leg syndrome, or anxiety, you’ll finally find the relief you crave and get a full night of uninterrupted sleep. Muscle tension and chronic pain are also ailments for where PR is a fine treatment.


PR tends to appreciate the finer things in life, so its environment isn’t much different. Preferring Mediterranean climates, PR has a tendency to lean towards warm, temperate weather and therefore is often times best grown indoors. However, if you happen to live in one of those climates an outdoor garden would be fine. Expect a yield of around 22 ounces per plant after 7 to 8 weeks of flowering time. This is an intermediate to advanced plant that is resistant to mold and mildew.

Private Reserve is an excellent strain to get your hands on. With its traditional flavors and low key nature, it's easy to fall for a bud like this. Grab a nice snack, put your fanciest t-shirt on, and dip into this sophisticated nightcap that we are sure you’ll want as your go-to end-of-day companion.


January 2, 2023


My 4 bud eighth of Private Reserve was by Clade9 an Indica Dominate (70% or more) OG Kush Hybrid that contained 35.92% THC!! Pine 🌲 green buds with sugar trichomes that smelled 👃 & tasted 👅 of piney 🌲 skunk 🦨 or skunky 🦨 pine 🌲🤔🫠. If I didn’t want to go fast to sleep 🛌 I had to watch 😳 my intake, tons of sedating relaxation. 💨 Enjoy The Pleasure Of The Smoke 💨

January 29, 2020


I think its more indica then sativa. You can definitely taste the kush. Very nice

December 7, 2019

Randy Turnboo

Every time I've gotten weed from private reserve it tastes like mold it's not good at all I don't understand it I paid a lot of money for it just no good I don't even want to give it one star but I have to

July 10, 2019


This Indica dominate Hybrid was by Vali Cali Farm & contained 16% THC. The pine green buds had dark brown pistils with white hairs & trichomes. The smell & taste was an earthy pine. The effects made me happy, mellow, & relaxed which can lead to sleep. Smoked this strain other times before & gave the experience’s a thumbs up. This time it was a thumbs down because it was a $15 eighth with over 30 pieces & when I smoked it, it was very harsh which I expected from a bottom shelf smoke. The only plus was it did get me high. It’s true that in life you get what you pay for. Protect The Harvest!!

May 6, 2019

R. Shaun Gillingham

A1. A true top shelf strand!