Pakistani Chitral Kush (PCK)

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About Pakistani Chitral Kush (PCK)

Pakistani Chitral Kush is so vibrant among its competitors in Chitral, Pakistan that it’s often affectionately called Purple Chitral, sometimes Purple Pakistani. Its insane resin production only makes it look shinier and more enticing. This is a selected landrace, a pure, indigenous Indica selectively bred to enhance its most appealing characteristics. It’s a resilient autoflowering strain that provides a perfect mellow high to complement its lovely look.

Autoflowering strains generally represent the next stage in a grower’s skill level. After you’ve mastered tall feminized crops, which grow better outdoors, you can take autoflowering cannabis indoors to take advantage of its main traits. The most important things to remember: autoflowering strains switch automatically to the flowering stage, shouldn’t be trained, grow really fast, and flower all year long. This means you get more CBD with less worries about light pollution, nutrients, and pruning.

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However, if autoflowering strains were perfect godly evolutions to conventional cannabis cultivation, we’d all be using them! The truth is that the major trade off for autoflowerers like Pakistani Chitral Kush is a much smaller yield. But this Kush makes up for it with unique resilience to flies, mites, heat, mold, and mildew. Pakistani Chitral Kush is a tough one, flourishing in pretty much any climate. Growers that love high-quality concentrates flock to this Kush for its high resin production. They know it by its super dense buds, thick stems, and broad, dark leaves.

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As for its uses, this 100% Indica provides a great mid-day high that uses a low-20s THC level to help people treat extreme stress. If you find yourself building up during the week towards severe symptoms of stress, such as high blood pressure, muscle tension, and feelings of anxiety and depression, Pakistani Chitral Kush can help.

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The aroma is super sweet and earth-laden, like caramel soil with an undertone of berries. Not only can the strain treat stress and pain, this Kush can help you sleep as well. Its floral, earthy flavors work well in the afternoon and evening, though we favor the latter if you’re susceptible to sedation. The Pakistani Chitral Kush plant is short, beautiful, autoflowering, and has an average yield. It’s famous for its accessible growing cycle, resilience to pests and climates, and its mellow, stress-annihilating high. Cannabiogen bred this landrace from its indigenous form into the selective version we have now. If you can get your hands on it, your stress won’t stand a chance.


February 16, 2021


This review is for an offering from Starbuds called "Pakistani Kush". I do not know the degree of connection of this product to the "Chitral Kush" showcased here on Wikileaf.These buds are uniformly small and medium green, with no real presence of calyxes (nothing against the variety, just pointing this out.) Trichomes are uniform and thick but the buds don't show much "glisten". There is a pleasantly strong grassy odor but it is not pungent.The quality of the smoke is good once the nugs are allowed to dry out. The delivery is a bit harsh and grassy, but the flavor profile on exhale is really interesting. I detected a hint of... dill pickle perhaps? And other hints of flavor that I just could not quite name.The effects of this weed seem to be on the physical side. There is a quick onset of a warm sensation. I also did not notice this strain having strong cognitive or racy effects (not likely to put you on-edge.)Overall, I think the growers of this Starbuds-sourced variety deserve credit for what looks like a high-quality grow of a tricky strain not far removed from its landrace origins. Please do more projects like this! I don't think this will be a popular strain with novices, but if you are interested in trying an indica with very different genetics than what are typically offered, I would recommend Pakistani Kush.