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Born of two unknown Skunk varieties, Orange Bud by Dutch Passion boasts brilliant flavors, an ultra creative high, and aromas that will have your house smelling like an orange grove. The breeders have kept this heady high’s specifics under wraps, but that doesn’t stop us from loving the recreational pros and medical advantages of this classic 80’s strain.

With moderate THC levels averaging around 16%, this bud packs a punch that is oddly approachable despite its potency. This makes it a good choice for novice users wanting to try something a little stronger. Much like its name would suggest, Orange Bud nugs are bright green with even brighter orange hairs that cover the entire bloom, coupled with white trichomes that have an almost amber hue. The flavor profile leans more towards the flavors you’d find in a hot toddy than a fruit basket. Though citrus is definitely on the forefront of this palate, big hints of clove, spice, cinnamon, and skunk dance on the nose and tongue as well.

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Orange Bud is a fast hitting high that’ll have you up and at ‘em after just a couple of hits. Like an energy drink, you’ll suddenly be filled with a buzz that’ll have you feeling ready to take on whatever tasks may have been stacking up through the week. Suddenly super creative and happy, the long-lasting cerebral rush gives users a sense of euphoria and relaxation perfect to pair with any schedule. Like many a sativa-dominant strain, Orange Bud gives you bursts of intuition that come in waves throughout the day. New smokers should be aware that this can be an intense high and may prove too much for some.

Typical Effects

Cotton Mouth
Cotton Mouth

Common Usage

A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite

Users who struggle with mood disorders such as stress, depression, or bipolar love this strain for its mood stimulating properties. The revitalizing feeling works wonders for chronic fatigue and muscle tension. Enjoy the sweet flavors and the sweet relief from your ailments any time of day or evening, but be aware that because it does give users a boost in energy it is not recommended for night time use. This strain works wonders for an array of issues because it is a mild muscle relaxant as well as a revitalizing high.

Orange Bud is an indoor/outdoor plant, though in either location it must be pruned regularly as it has a tendency to grow upwards of seven feet tall. This plant is resistant to most pests and fungus, making it a great bud for a novice to intermediate growers. Green thumbs can expect an above average yield in around 8 to 10 weeks.

THC Content











This is an awesome strain if you are looking for a spirited wake and bake or even a little boost to get your afternoon straight. Orange Bud is a brightly flavored toke that has users coming back time and time again and for a very good reason.

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August 22, 2021


nice smell but hits not that good

April 29, 2021

fayssal makdissi

Instant pain relief (headache)

January 24, 2021

Turtle Kush

This strain though... I used to buy it in the black market, and thought it was not pure natural, cuz of the skunk smell I was used to, until I get 3.5g from a official plug. I gotta say, I'm used to smoking strain with the same terpenes profil, such as sweet, earthy, like the Amnesia Haze, G13, you know stuff like that, and when I smoked the Orange Bud, the effect was very different from what I've already smoked. First it kicked me with an instant body buzz which leave me completly sedated, but after 30minutes, or more, I feel very very uplifited, and very creative like I remember my first reaction was like " damn this smell so bad, it has to be mixed with some bullshit, okay let's take some puffs anyway." a few moments later " wthh this is actually a pretty good stuff ". This gave me the same amount of creativity as the silver haze did. Unfortunately I can't find it anywhere now. Again, i have a big big tolerance, I've been smoking for years now, and this really kicked me like a good strain ( not sayin this was very very strong, but quit overwhelming ngl ) this strains is in my top 5 strains. oh and By the way, the taste is mixed between 1skunk, 2 sweet/floral 3 orange

July 9, 2020

Eazy E

smoked two bowls at 11am, slept till 6o`clock.

November 29, 2016

greg Stewart

the smell is amazing and i love the high, but this is a difficult strain to find.