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Strains that come out of Las Vegas are just assumed to be incredible because after all, the entire city is all about having a good time. This logic certainly rings true for NightFire OG, a creation by Sin City Seeds. They crossed White Fire OG with White Nightmare and ended up with a potent and tasty sativa-dominant plant on their hands.

Best left for experienced smokers only, NightFire OG has a pretty consistent THC range between 20% and 23%. Aptly named, many say that these nugs look like they’re on fire due to their heavy pistil coverage, and when you also consider her intensely gooey layer of resin, it’s not a surprise that this strain has become a favorite of many. Both savory and sweet, her flavors take on a blend of earth, blueberry, and strong taste of lemon.

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Like a bolt of lightning to the brain, NightFire OG kicks in hard and fast, offering even more proof that newbies should steer clear. You’ve never felt euphoria like this before, as the entire world tends to suddenly make sense and rainbows appear in the sky. Okay not really, but you catch our drift - this strain makes you happy as can be. Not only will your mood lift but energy levels also soar along with the ability to be productive and focused. Physical relaxation does eventually make its way into the mix, but if anything, it helps to balance out your energy with a set of tingles that starts at the temples and heads to your toes.

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Strong cannabis is naturally ideal for treating medical ailments, and NightFire OG ends up being at the top of the list for many. Mental concerns like depression and stress instantly vanish and while her physical effects take a while to kick in, those who struggle with chronic pain do eventually find relief. Other issues including nausea, fatigue, and eye pressure related to glaucoma have also been said to be quelled by this bud.

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Unfortunately, this sativa-dominant strain is very hard to cultivate at home, as her branches tend to be quite weak and she’s highly susceptible to pests. Honestly, unless you’re a very experienced cultivator, we’d recommend choosing another strain. Yet if you’re up for the challenge, make sure to have a highly controlled indoor environment and a lot of patience. After 9 to 10 weeks, your hard work will pay off with a huge yield.

If you’re up for the challenge, give NightFire OG a try before a hard day at work and get ready to enjoy productivity and happiness like never before. Or, pair her with a fun weekend adventure and make some memories with your closest friends. Either way you go, it’s a bud you’ll want to try again and again.

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May 28, 2022

Mash & Banger

Orange Zest and sharp coriander seeds aromas, spicy inhale and not very well rounded smoke. Colors depth changes were the first thing noticed, Black in particular became darker. After a minute or so tingles sets at the back and the neck, and a sensation of body lightness is taking a big part, loosening the spine and the limbs from any stiffness. Remarkably high both physical and mental ambition, Focus is also on good levels, though motivation can get overwhelming, staying on the same task could get edgy after a while. High dosage may increase body temperature and blood pressure. H-u-g-e one for activities like board-games, party-games Etc. some says it has distinctive sexual effects, we haven’t found that either remarkably arousing nor turning off - just a regular “Hey There” vibe.

March 27, 2021


I jotted this down about 10-20 minutes after the first time I lit up Nightfire:"What's up guys, I DEFINITELY found my strain, also I am currently experiencing a painful, slow healing injury at the top of my head that we shall only refer to as accidental self trepanation, thanks to this strain right now I don't feel A FECKING THING! 😃 There could be a meat cleaver jammed in my skull right now for all I know or care. Who gives a toss? I'm on a completely different plane of existence right now, call back later."Yeah, I think I can safely say this one is my favorite.