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Nepali OG, also known as Nepal Kush, is a very strong and potent Indica-dominant cannabis strain. An offspring of OG Kush and landrace Nepali strains, this marijuana strain originated in the mountain ranges of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal. Nepali OG’s THC content is reasonably high at about 21% while its CBD is roughly 0.3%.

Nepali OG inherits the Nepali cannabis structure. It grows tall and bushy, and produces stems which are packed with alternating floral clusters. The plants can grow as high as 4 feet indoors, and around 6 feet outdoors. In fact, during flowering time, many growers compare Nepal OG’s impressive growth to that of Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk. 

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Its buds are medium sized and compact, and are bright green in color. The beautiful buds are so thickly coated in resins that it almost seems as if a second layer of resins is growing atop the existing ones. Nepal OG has an interesting combination of fruity, spicy, sour, earthy and piney flavors.

Typical Effects

Cotton Mouth
Cotton Mouth

This strain is extremely fast acting. It hits hard and immediately creates the indica trademark effect – a soaring body buzz, which is followed by a serious couch lock. Even highly experienced users get the desired effects quickly after smoking this powerful strain. Nepali OG induces feelings of creativity, euphoria and calmness in addition to helping with a lack of appetite and alleviating pain. All these properties makes it perfect for recreational as well as medicinal use.

Nepali OG was first bred by Flying Dutchmen. It has a flowering period of approx. 60 days, and serves up a medium yield. It grows well indoors, outdoors, and also in greenhouses. The plant prefers the Screen of Green (SCROG) setup, and grows well in soil as well, but not so much in hydro. 

THC Content











Nepali OG’s strong nature makes it perfect for evening and nighttime use, especially if looking to let your muscles get some rest after a tiring day.

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January 26, 2020

Jennifer Lynn Smith

A give me a really nice feeling generally over my entire body and helped alleviate the pain I was feeling from my fibromyalgia. That also completely got rid of my headache. Definitely feeling a little bit sedated but at least I'm not feeling anxious.

August 11, 2017

Magic Beans

OMG for the N-OG! NOG will flatline your eyeballs and sedate you heavily. Definitely a creative streak happening, so great for playing or listening to music or watching a movie or just repeating, "Iii'm sooooo stoned." Hits quick and hard to a deep relaxing buzz.