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If you’re craving a high like no other, Moonshine Haze will certainly do the trick. Winner in the Best Sativa category at the 2011 High Times’ Cannabis Cup, it only takes one hit before you’ll instantly learn why this strain is named after the bootleg booze that’s often brewed in bathtubs. Rare Dankness Seeds, located in Colorado, created this super sativa-dominant hybrid by crossing Nevil’s Wreck and Amnesia Haze, resulting in a perfect smoke for daytime use.

Moonshine Haze isn’t one to mess with, as its high THC levels will mess right back with you if you aren’t careful. Ranging anywhere from 20% to 25%, it brings users a powerful high that you feel right away along with a delicious smell and taste. Strong with fruity, citrus, and sweet notes, many can distinctly pick out scents of grapefruit and also detect a bit of an earthy woody smell. Its flavor is crisp upon exhale and has an overall pleasing quality.

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This strain is as pretty as it is powerful, with bright green nugs completely covered in thick white trichomes. Super bright pistils are prevalent along this medium-sized bud, and you’ll be immediately hit with energy and awareness after smoking it. Moonshine Haze tends to come on strong, allowing you to feel uplifted yet relaxed, and giving you the fuel you need to be productive. You’ll thrive in social situations as you’re feeling ultra euphoric, yet some might completely space out if they overdo it.

Typical Effects


As the cerebral high transitions into a full body relaxation, you might end up with a case of couch-lock. This laziness is often desired by those who experience depression or stress, so Moonshine Haze can become a lifesaver for some. Both pain and fatigue are treated nicely with this strain, and individuals who struggle with their appetite can also find some relief. Keep the water nearby, as you’ll probably come down with a pretty good case of dry mouth.

Moonshine Haze tends to be pretty cooperative, yet with a longer flowering cycle of 10 to 12 weeks, growers need to be patient and treat this beauty right. Expect plans to get tall and wide, meaning you’ll need a decent amount of room to cultivate this hydroponic lover.

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If you need to be laser focused and energetic in a social situation, this strain will work wonders for you. Chronic pain relief and mellow relaxation can also be found with Moonshine Haze, but just be sure to plan your activities accordingly. Your burst of energy will eventually give way to a lazy vibe, ultimately providing a balanced experience.

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April 26, 2019

The Trainwreck leaning versions are savagely powerful, in my opinion that's really where this strain shines. Otherwise it's still a very exciting daytime sativa. Smells like citronella and is very smooth. Normal onset but without much of a ceiling.