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Modified Banana is a potent strain bred by Skunkhouse Genetics from GMO BX and Banana OG. Its classy GMO-like flavor is herbal and peppery at the same time that it hits your tongue with bright citrus. The feelings you get on this strain encourage mental stimulation and physical relaxation, leaving you pain-free, hungry, and sleepy. For a euphoric, classic stony feeling, a modified banana may do the trick.

The strain’s dominant terpene is Beta-Myrcene, which is the source of the flavor of hops. Users should recognize this herby, balsamic flavor from beers and essential oils. In Modified Banana, the flavor comes out as mild, sweet, and with an aftertaste of musky earth. This includes a taste of banana and pungent floral smells. Some report a strong smell of butter. The strain also contains a healthy dose of Limonene, which imparts that bright citrus tone, as well as Beta-Caryophyllene, which encourages spiciness.

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These terpenes combine to give Modified Banana the right sensations to modify your evening. A feeling of blissful mental stimulation comes first, followed by a stony come-down that eases your mind and relieves any chronic pain you’ve been holding in. You’ll feel creative, blissful, and ready to get some snacks. It’s a great strain for getting some sleep,  so those who suffer from insomnia may want to get on good terms with it. But for earlier in the evening, Modified Banana also helps you hang out with your buddies or even get intimate with someone special. Some users report feeling energetic and active on the strain, but it’s more characteristic to feel chill, creative, and social.

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The strain is known for being a fun high, which includes helping you feel calm, loopy, and sociable. You’ll be chatting a lot, snacking, and putting on a feel-good movie. At 31% THC on the high end, Modified Bananas packs enough power to modify your mind. Those with a penchant for worrying, particularly when the worry causes or results from a pain condition, can make great use of Modified Banana to change themselves for the better. This mildly sweet, powerfully earthy strain can result in no high, surprisingly, but still comes with ample relief from pain, stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

When it’s late at night and the only thing left on your to-do list is to get to sleep, Modified Bananas can be the ultimate comfort. If you want to try it out earlier in the company of friends, the strain will loosen your tongue and calm your mind, so be prepared for the taste of fresh hops and the major drive to snack (and sleep).

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January 4, 2023


I tried Modified Banana by SHANGO. The batch I tried was a consistent 34% of THC. All I can say is everyone deserves to try this at least once. The high is long lasting and can be rollercoaster-like, since it can start a little slow but kicks up with a fury but VERY mellow. I used this to counter back pain and insomnia. On my top 5 of best bud I have tried.

June 29, 2022


If you’re reading this review and you live in Las Vegas,Nevada like I do..then the brand SHANGO’s batch of Modified Banana is on your list of Strains to try. This batch of ModifiedBanana (GarlicCookies x Banana OG) by the brand Shango, is on another level. So far all the strains I’ve tried by them, which has only been ItalianSoda (GarlicCookies x RootBeer) and SunCake (Sherbert x WeddingCake) and now their ModifiedBanana (GarlicCookies x Banana OG). This batch is coming in hot w 32.34%THCa and 29.67%THC. The Nugs in this bouquet of Flowers is just absolutely beautiful. The nugs are all made up of their own fluffy,resin-filled, round sacs that are completely coated in a thick, heavy layer of SnowWhite Trichomes that give the Strains already Bright Green appearance an even more lighter tone. The long and spindly Peach colored Pistils make this Strain look as if it was somehow “modified” in a laboratory. The aromas emanating from these Buds are really really mouth watering. Sweet notes of Banana that twist into a pungent,sour, musty wet rag smell that lets you know GarlicCookies runs strong in its lineage. Definitely a very smooth smoke that tastes of sweet and sour banana cream w hits of peppery diesel. Absolutely delicious. The HeadChange is also CRUCIAL. Definitely Indica hybrid dominant. Highly Recommend this Strain to any and all of my fellow LasVegas Stoners and Stoners everywhere in the world ! Newbies proceed w caution lol