About Mimosa

The breeder Symbiotic Genetics turned Purple Punch and Clementine into the Sativa-dominant (70/30) Mimosa strain in 2017. Since then, it has steadily been growing in popularity, not only with people who are a fan of its namesake drink but for anyone who can stomach a fruity cocktail that includes up to 27% THC.

The Mimosa strain flowers in about 9 weeks. If you plan on growing it outside, it’s going to be ready for harvest in mid-October, sometimes even later. The plant’s buds grow small, dense, round, and olive-green. Dark amber hairs grow plentifully over the buds and the white trichomes shimmer.

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GROWING TIP: The Mimosa strain is not terribly difficult to grow if you want to harvest a mid-level THC content. But to get that coveted 27%, we recommend a high-nutrient plant food to encourage your strain to give you the goods. Mimosa is greedier than the average plant, nutritionally speaking, and has been known to need encouragement to reach its full potential.

Typical Effects


Common Usage

A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite

The strain has become known as a great pick-up line to attract some energy on those groggy mornings when you can’t get started (and real mimosas are unavailable). It has the same tropical citrus and berry feeling, sour yet sweet, but without the headache. In fact, you may even lose a headache you’ve already got when taking your cocktails in plant form. Just be warned that many users, even experienced ones, report very dry mouth when using this strain. Take extra care to stay hydrated when enjoying your mimosa.

THC Content











The medicinal purposes of enjoying the Mimosa strain exceed those of real mimosas, we’re happy to report. The strain is an expert at leveling out your mood and relieving stress. Those who suffer from ADD and ADHD love the strain’s ability to calm them down and help them focus on daily tasks. A puff of Mimosa can also help with depression, migraines, and a loss of appetite. As you inhale the woodsy, floral flavors mixed with herbs and berries, you’ll be able to think more clearly and work with more focus. This is why we recommend Mimosa as a morning strain, one that you can use as a pick-me-up without worrying about sedation or stress (just remember to keep water handy).

The Mimosa high begins as a boost of energy and clear-headedness, a true “lift” of your attention, your spirit, and your mental clarity. This comes with mental euphoria as your brain gets used to its new focus, letting your depression fade away and your work take over your full attention. Who knew that the secret to good work ethic was a mimosa?

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October 6, 2022


this shit was gas got a 3.5 before my tolerance break and a small blunt is better than a 2g skittles blunt mad stuff

June 28, 2022

Kratom Juice

I like it. This shit will kick your ass.Strongly advise less-experienced smokers against trying it, as it's very easy to get too high.

March 2, 2022

Cargo Cult

You'll need a little patience with this one, because when it eventually hits, you'll know you're getting your money's worth. After about 15 - 20 minutes of barely noticeable effects, Mimosa hits...and hits some more. The effects are borderline, mild psychedelic as I read online, but I'm still functional (able to type, at least) and not longing for the couch. Very pleasant and definitely worth a try.

October 30, 2021


Orange flavors, sometimes lemon teaGood focus and energetic

November 29, 2020

Byron Hof

Well, it is another strain my wife really seems to like. Couple puffs and all of a sudden I am doing dishes and housework. Excellent for us wake and bakers, very nice jumpstart to the day.