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ThugPug Genetics bred Meat Breath from other strains that have “meat” in the name. Sold yet? While a daily dose of Meat Breath sounds like anything but a turn-on, it’s actually a great strain for being alone in your thoughts and letting the world whizz by. It’s sort of like an inhalable spa treatment, pungent but completely euphoric. It’s a “settle in” strain – don’t plan on working for a while. The big barrier to entry is right in the name, that is, you either like the dank, chemical diesel rot of the Meat Breath oeuvre or you really, really don’t. Assuming you can stick around for the ride, here’s what you can expect from Meat Breath.

This 50/50 balanced strain comes from Mendo Breath and Meatloaf and gets a unique visual style from them. Its trichomes are more prominent than most any strain we know - they pop out in streaks of white and purple on every leaf, every square inch of space. The buds build a weird structure in the deep colors, punctuated by orange pistils. They’re long, mint-colored, and almost hidden under the chunky crystals. It’s a weird looking plant, made more captivating by whiffs of vanilla, floral notes, and the smell of sweet earth.

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Meat Breath brings a full body high, giving a definite boost to mood, a sensation of do-nothing goodness that’ll leave you floored and lifted at the same time. It’s an addicting flavor if you can get used to it, sort of an aggressive combo between diesel fuel, earth, and spicy meat. If you’re into it, the 29% THC max will send you places with a heavy vengeance for all the stress you’ve been accumulating.

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With a lifted mind, you’ll settle into a state of relaxation where you won’t want to do the work you’ve been putting off. Those who suffer from depression, fatigue, pain, stress, nausea, and a loss of appetite can find a ready-made boost with Meat Breath. Be sure to keep your snacks close by – when you’re tingling, unproductive, pain-free, and melted into your couch with the welcoming stink of Meat Breath, you’ll be very snacky but absolutely morally opposed to getting up and doing something about it.

This high lasts for hours. Those who need respite from chronic pain and don’t mind the potent stank of diesel fuel, earth, and chemically-cured meat flesh, the aptly named Meat Breath could be a welcome companion for hours on end. The flavor isn’t balanced – it’s wildly potent – but the effects definitely are. If you need to stop stressing or start eating and you’re not opposed to a new flavor, Meat Breath could be your new definition of delicious.

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August 19, 2022


Meat Breath is fire. Beautiful bud. I enjoy the taste. Nice indica. Not too heavy just very relaxing for the afternoon or end of day. It also makes my brain happy having an uplifting effect which is rare in the indicas I've used. One of my favorites.

October 8, 2021

Eugene Howard

Just tried meat breath and man I definitely love this strain, it's tasty and really has me uplifted and giggly.

July 5, 2021

Mija harry

I love meat breathe it one of top 5 strains of the years I’ve been using it for depression & this strain is amazing keeps you very lifted

June 20, 2021

Dawn Foley

I think it depends on the grower for potency. Have tried from many sources. It's hit or miss, for quality and efficacy