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About MAC 1

History & Genetics

Anyone who has experienced the beauty of the MAC strain will be pleased to know that Capulator’s genetics are still going strong. Some say that MAC 1 is a backcross of her original namesake while others claim that MAC, also known as Miracle Alien Cookies, was crossed with Starfighter and a Columbian landrace. To be honest, we’re not so concerned about how she got here, because what really matters is just how amazing her effects are said to be.

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MAC 1 comes in a bit stronger than her predecessor with a high of 23% THC that reportedly packs a huge punch. Rumor has it that some dispensaries even stock their shelves with varieties that reach into the 30% range.

Typical Effects


Common Usage




Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Nugs are incredibly dense and so thickly covered with trichomes that you can barely see her green and purple hues beneath. Both flavors and aromas here aren’t for the faint of heart, as MAC 1 comes through with a strong sour diesel note that’s accented by citrus and spicy herbs.

THC Content












If you’ve smoked MAC before, just imagine MAC 1 as her new and improved version. Users note that this strain offers a strong one-two punch of both cerebral and physical effects, making her ideal for a late afternoon or early evening smoke session. Initially, many describe their experience as one that’s intensely euphoric, as just a few tokes are said to bring people to the happiest mental state they’ve experienced in a long time. For some, creativity and focus might flourish for a short while before her indica side inevitably kicks in. Depending on your tolerance, you might feel physically relaxed with MAC 1 or you could end up glued to the couch before falling asleep.

This strain is a very well-balanced hybrid, making her a great choice for medical users. It’s likely that you’ll find relief from depression and anxiety thanks to her cerebral boost, and if you struggle with physical pain including migraines, muscle issues, or joint concerns, a few puffs have the potential to ease your woes for hours. During your comedown, don’t be surprised if MAC 1 brings the munchies to your doorstep, making this bud a smart choice for those with appetite issues.


By all accounts, MAC 1 sounds like one of the more perfect strains on the market, and it’s perfectly reasonable to want to grow her yourself at home. The tricky part is that while Capulator attempts to stay relatively unknown, there seems to be no shortage of growing operations including MAC 1 in their lineup. Getting your hands on seeds, however, is a different story. At this time, even the best internet sleuths cannot find MAC 1 seeds for purchase, so you might want to inquire with your favorite budtender to see if they have additional details.

Those who can handle pungent diesel strains will no doubt want to include MAC 1 in their regular lineup, as this bud offers a great balance between sativa and hybrid effects. Depending on your tolerance and the potency of the nugs you buy, consider experimenting with the time of day you smoke and see where she best fits into your day to day routine.


November 26, 2022


hi im tom and i say this would be great weed if it just taste better lol 31 peccent the mac 1 i tried

October 18, 2022

Srondizel Drei

One of the top tier strain in terms of balance and clarity of high. Always in my top 10. 🧢

May 7, 2022

Ben Thomas

This is kinda a shitty blog on this strain. Info is wrong. The REAL mac1 is very rare and hard to find unless you’re in Cali. WIDELY faked, and the breeder only gave out clones and seeds to select ELITE growers so this strain would be the best grown every time, but this strain has been ruined by shitty growers and fakes. With someone who knows how to properly grow this strain indoors it is testing 38%+ CONSISTENTLY. This strain actually comes with certification of authenticity if it is from verified growers.

March 25, 2022

Stayin medicated

Mac 1 is truly an awesome hybrid strain. I’ve really being enjoying this strain during the day time. It’s a great wake and bake strain that gets me ready for the day. Helps stay focused, clear headed, helps with anxiety/depression, feel very level headed with this one too. I pick this one up at my local dispensary whenever they have it in stock.

March 17, 2022


10/10 I was in bad place getting eaten by my own fears of anxiety, I have high tolerance and man oh man I am half my fat splif and I’m free of pain its 8:30pm I’m cooked.💚