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Lightstorm is a pure Indica strain, believed to be the child of the strains Twilight and Sand Storm, originating from Morocco, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. It was inbred for four generations to stabilize it. Lightstorm, with buds of vibrant colors ranging from a deep purple to a bright red, was the creation of a breeder who called himself PurpleBuddy, GotPurpleBud, or Purple. More popular in the early 2000s, the strain made its rounds through the forum at OverGrow.com until it shut down. Since then, the strain and any information on it have become scarce.

Although Lightstorm produces a strong "couch-lock" effect, it does not have the power to knock out most users. Its high is felt mostly physically. Like most Indica strains, this one should be used late in the day and at night. Lightstorm can soothe pain, jumpstart one's appetite, and ease nausea. It may also be effective medication for insomnia, anxiety, and stress.

Plants of this strain tend to be uniform, which makes them appropriate for the Sea of Green method, and they can be grown indoors or out. Forcing the plants into flowering at 50 centimeters and topping them twice will help Lightstorm reach maximum yield. The harvest will often range from 35 to 70 grams per plant after 56 to 70 days of flowering. It may also do well in a Screen of Green since these plants can really stretch, despite being Indicas.

THC Content - 16.0% Highest Test

Average Indica
Lightstorm Highest Test
Lightstorm Average

Common Usage - Pain

Effects - Relax

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