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Legend OG is an indica-dominant strain created by prolific California growers Swamp Boys Seeds. Although its exact genetic background is not well documented, it’s thought to be a phenotype of none other than OG Kush. Legend OG offers a multilayered flavor to complement its well-balanced effects. This potent strain’s THC content has been measured at levels ranging from 20% to 25%.

Legend OG establishes its appeal right away with exceptionally large and well-formed flowers. These buds adhere in a tapered, pinecone-like shape, flaring out from a wide base into a pointed tip. Their internal structure shows indica influences, with leaves curling closely inward toward their central stems forming a solid core. The leaves are a mossy mix of green and yellow, with curly orange trichomes shooting through. Finally, Legend OG’s buds are covered in a layer of trichomes that accounts for their psychoactivity.

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When properly cured, the flowers have a pungent chemical scent bordering on gasoline, but a closer whiff may pick up on some light herbal accents. When the buds are broken apart or ground up, they can yield the dank, earthy scents you’d expect of a Kush descendant. Combusting Legend OG in a pipe or joint creates a surprisingly smooth, easily ingested smoke that has sweet and sour flavors on the exhale.

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Given its indica background, Legend OG can be a creeper and take several minutes before starting to exert its high. Eventually, smokers will feel an increased blood pressure around the temples and lower forehead along with some possible flushing in the cheeks. Once these facial sensations die down, users are immersed in a warped mindset characterized by patterns of thought. Ideas that might not otherwise seem interesting can suddenly command consumers’ attention, leading to long periods of daydreaming or distraction. In social situations, this mental stimulation can help spark conversation and camaraderie, even when shared with relative strangers. In certain settings, this head buzz can also take the form of sensory distortion, with users experiencing phenomena like a flattening of visual depth or an uncanny feeling of time moving slowly.

After about an hour, Legend OG’s effects melt into more of a body stone. A tingle of relaxation may start to radiate through the core and limbs, untying any stubborn knots of tension and facilitating deep, easy breathing. At this point, smokers may be unlikely to pursue any activities that require concentration or physical exertion. If dosage is increased, this feeling of sedation can turn into pleasantly immobilized couchlock. Because of its slow decline into drowsiness, Legend OG is recommended for evening or nighttime use.

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Although enjoyable for recreational users, this heavily relaxing strain is also useful for medical cannabis patients. For one, its uplifted mood can temporarily dull some of the symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. Legend OG can also soothe physical pain, whether it’s temporary due to injury, or long-term, due to chronic conditions like lupus or arthritis. Its anti-inflammatory properties, may take the sting out of common discomforts like cramps and headaches. In some cases, Legend OG can be a remedy for insomnia, pulling users into a deep, restful sleep. This strain is a good option for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance, because it isn’t likely to bring about overly cerebral, paranoid episodes.

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Seeds of Legend OG have not been cultivated for commercial sale. Instead, those looking to grow it at home should seek out clippings of mature, healthy samples of the strain; these can be propagated as clones and can thrive in controlled indoor environments or in a hot, humid outdoor climate. Although Swamp Boys hasn’t made much information available on best practices specific to growing this strain, its indica-inflected buds suggest that plants grow squat and bushy, flowering within a relatively brief eight to nine weeks.

An aromatic smoke with a thoroughly relaxing high, Legend OG is a must-try for indica fans. If you’re toking in public, be prepared for its pungent smoke to turn some heads. 


May 19, 2022

Jose Baez

You just got to roll on his smoke one I did I rolled one up and smoked it and it hit me as soon as I I didn't even finish half and I was already bummed out of my mind I love it I give it five stars

April 19, 2021

Joseph Natale

Swamp boys are from Florida and they been killing it. Their white OG aka triangle is the best bud IMO they have so many killers but think about it “SWAMP “ is Florida.

August 5, 2020

Heather Correa

This strain is great for relaxing me when I’ve had a bad day or my depression rears it’s ugly head It’s great for when I can’t sleep also