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History & Genetics

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” Cliche as it may seem, this Marley quote couldn’t be more perfect for this strain. Lamb’s Bread is an uplifting, wide-awake strain that was a favorite by the one and only, Bob Marley himself. Jamaica’s most famous strain brought to you by Yardie Seeds, is constantly under speculation as to how it got its name and who was the first to bring these feminized seeds to life.

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This strain is also more widely known as Lamb’s Breath, but whatever you call it the undeniable fact is that this strain is both potent in THC and CBD, with over 1% of the latter and between 16% and 21% of the former.

Typical Effects

Cotton Mouth
Cotton Mouth

Common Usage

A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite

Appearance, Aroma, & Flavor

THC Content











A nugget cannabis of Lambs Bread that is green and orange hairs
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This popular bud is cheesy and grassy in aroma and has sharp overtones of cheese and hash on the tongue. The nugs are large and golden-green with red hairs and crystalline trichomes.


Lamb’s Bread, Lamb’s Breath, Lambsbread - whatever the name the high is the same, with a rush of uplifting energy that hits you hard in the head and gives you a mood boost that is unparalleled.

The euphoria and creativity spring to life after only a few puffs and will have you getting through an artist’s block with ease. This is a high that doesn’t want to slow down and will last for hours, so enjoy the stimulation as it takes you through the galaxy because you’ll feel out of this world.

Medically speaking, this strain has a myriad of uses. Because of its uplifting properties, this strain is great for mental health issues such as depression, stress, bipolar, and mild anxiety. Too much of the strain, however, can at times agitate severe anxiety and is not recommended for those who suffer from PTSD. However, because of its ability to focus the mind, patients who suffer from ADHD can also benefit from Lamb’s Bread. The stimulation provided can also increase appetite, digestion, and energy, which is beneficial for those with fatigue.


Around 8 weeks, or early October, is all you’ll have to wait to pack a bowl with this tasty bud. Whether you are an indoor or outdoor cultivator, you can expect moderate growth perfect for intermediate gardeners. The yields are slightly higher than average for either scenario but will do better with soil and training. The plants are short and compact, ideal for someone who has an indoor plant in their mind.

In Kingston, Jamaica ganja is a way of life, Bob Marley is king, and having a good time is the word of God. So trusting that Bob himself loved this strain and made its popularity unmatched by any other strain out of the small island, wouldn’t you think that Lamb’s Bread is one to give a try? Let it open your mind and put you at ease. Don’t be surprised if you tend to reach for this one as your go-to from here on out.


July 25, 2022


i havent had the flower but i was able to have a nice buttery gram of it. let me say it was def what i lopk for in a sativa specially one that is famed as this one is hailing from jamaica its def spmething id love to grow and have my a nice amouny to play with.

April 9, 2022

Johnny Blaze

One of the most amazing strains I’ve tried, I can attest to the reduction of anxiety and and euphoria. I have tons of anxiety being in public spaces, however this strain had me feeling super confident and euphoric. It felt super-clean, meaning that I didn’t feel the usual cloudy headedness, just super euphoric. I also didn’t feel super hungry either, which was better for me since I tend to overeat afterward.

December 4, 2021


Gas. Best Za pak to grow

January 28, 2021

Bong Shots

I had a friend recommend this to me and it took a couple years to track some down. The cultivar offered by the growers in my states medical program is outstanding. It goes straight to distillate and let me tell you happiness and warm feelings abound. I did get a little hungry my first experience too. Great smoke for a burst of happy energy.

January 26, 2021


One of my favorite strains, very exotic.