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Mixing up two of the best cake strains, LA Baker is a combination of LA Kush Cake and Jungle Cake, brought to us by none other than the infamous Jungle Boys. Occasionally available in seed packs, this strain sells out quickly every time it’s released. LA Baker makes a great addition to the modern indoor garden and produces some top notch cannabis.

Growing LA Baker, you can expect some enormous and plump, rock solid buds. These heavy flowers are going to need a lot of support from trellis or plant stakes so they don’t snap the stock under their own weight. One of the better yielding of the cake strains, LA Baker won’t disappoint come harvest time. Like LA Kush Cake, LA Baker can take a higher EC/ppm feed to help fatten up the breadloaf sized colas.

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LA Baker has that window shopping bag appeal, you see it and you have to have it. Like most cake strains, the trichomes form a fondant like icing all over the buds, coating the purple, green and red hues. Large and bulbous, nugs of LA Baker reek of fuel, pine, cedar and a little mint. 

Typical Effects

Cotton Mouth
Cotton Mouth

Common Usage

A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite

If you're a fan of the Wedding Cake flavors you’ll fall in love with LA Baker, with a little hint of minty effervescence from Kush Mintz and the fuelly funk from Fire OG. This complex terpene profile lifts up a relaxing body buzz that's perfect for melting the worries of the day away. We like to enjoy LA Baker in the evening — after dinner with friends or while watching a movie before bed. 

Rarely available as a flower or concentrate, your best luck to trying out LA Baker is by getting seeds and growing your own. Check on updates from the Jungle Boys to hear about any upcoming releases of seeds. Grab them if you can because they sell out quickly.

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September 23, 2023

Richie wachter

Nice high.good relax feeling.

July 15, 2023

Jesse Eggemeyer

Absolutely fabulous strain! Picked this up from Blue Sage in Carthage Mo grown by Vivid rocking 30%. Creamy vanilla doughy flavors with large beautiful trichome covered buds! Long lasting and hard hitting! One of my new favorites 💚

June 19, 2023


Pennsylvania has some amazing strains right now and this is on of the best.34.52% and terps at 2.23%! Also Garcia Handpicked from Holistic. Immediate effects in both body and mind. Not for the faint of heart. Soothing and puts a smile on your face

December 3, 2022


Garcia hand picked "LA baker" 32.0%THC 1.91%Terps. It's the strongest strain in Maryland IMO. It has a cakey/gas flavor to it that is super delicious. Fat buds & smells like gas/sfv lemons

October 28, 2022

Mike S.

One of my top 3 strains for Maryland medical. Garcia hand picked are truly premium cultivars. La Baker and Florida Kush are tied for first in the indica category and Cherry Limeade for the Hybrid with Caps Frozen lemons being my favorite Sativa from Garcia.A very unique flavor profile and a great high that will let you enjoy the day but don’t get too comfortable or couch lock might get you.