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What happens when two of the world’s most beloved strains come together and reproduce? You get Jack 47, the lovechild of Jack Herer and AK-47. Cultivated in Spain by Sweet Seeds, this powerhouse of a strain brings along high THC levels, classic flavors, and even some CBD to boot.

We’d like to say that Jack 47 is a strain for everyone, but honestly it’s the true connoisseurs that will really appreciate her appeal. This bud consistently tests above 20% when it comes to THC levels, with a high of 24% and a CBD content of 2%. Nugs offer that nostalgic lemon and chemical smell that reminds you of a household cleaner with hints of earth and sweetness mixed in. Buds tend to be long and lumpy with a deep green color and beautiful amber hairs.

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You can expect your typical sativa-dominant arc of effects with Jack 47, but exactly how they make you feel is what makes this strain so special. Highs begin with a happy and creative burst, defining what it means to be cerebrally affected. Social behavior is enhanced as well as the motivation to complete more artistic endeavors. Make sure to get things done now, as you’ll be far more relaxed when the body buzz kicks in. Users aren’t quite couch locked at this stage, though they do find an anchoring sensation that renders their night pretty much over.

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ADHD Symptoms
ADHD Symptoms

It goes without saying that Jack 47’s CBD content is a prime choice for medicinal users, allowing concerns including eye pressure, lack of appetite, and inflammation to be resolved with ease. As it gives you a strong mental push toward pure bliss, those who are stressed out or depressed will find this strain to be a true gift. Most types of pain and pressure in the body will be soothed and many users note that they feel like a functioning person again after partaking in just a few hits.

Jack 47 is one of the most desired strains on the market for home cultivators, as a combination of relatively easy care and massive yields deems her the perfect plant. Structured more like an indica despite her sativa-dominant roots, this strain will thrive inside or out. Flowering time is around 9 to 10 weeks indoors or a late October harvest if grown outside.

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Let’s face it - you aren’t really a weed smoker until you’ve tried the perfection that is Jack 47. It’s a wonder how any other strains end up being popular, as this beauty gives users everything they could want and then some. Be sure to keep your stash full and share with friends during chill sessions at home or use it during the latter portion of your day to top off a tiring time at work.

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February 27, 2021

D Out

Got a 8th from The Bank...what a fantastic bud. Lemon earthy taste right off the bat not to mention it’s smoothness going down. First time and I’m hooked