Irene Kush

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About Irene Kush

This slightly sativa-dominant Kush comes from the deep, deep Southern United States. Though it is a Dixie original, they are hard-pressed to share the secret parentage with many. However, it's a popular rumor that Irene is a descendant of OG Kush, yet that has neither been confirmed nor denied. Either way, this little Southern Bell is surely deserving of a night out on the town.

Though THC levels aren’t exact for this bud, it’s safe to assume that they are very high and thus many agree they are around the 22% mark. Irene Kush has medium sized, light green nugs that give off a refreshing pine aroma with undertones of citrus and earth for a full-bodied aroma. On the inhale you’ll experience more of the citrus flavor and the pungent flavors of sour diesel, perfectly complimentary of the bright orange hairs and dark green accents of the strain.

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The cerebral high is fast acting and will rush over your whole body after the first hit. This uplifting strain is perfect for a full day of busy work as it has a tendency to keep you motivated and energetic for long periods of time. Full body buzzing can last for hours, being replaced by a very mild comedown. Use caution, as some of the more prominent side effects are dry itchy eyes, cotton mouth, and racing thoughts.

Typical Effects


For medical users this strain is perfect for mild pain, muscle spasms, and headaches due to its sedative properties. It is helpful with fatigue and lack of appetite due to its stimulating effects. If you are suffering from depression or stress, this strain can be beneficial to many because of its increased energy. Novice users are warned that this is a heavy high, so proceed with caution. Those with anxiety are not recommended to try this strain under any circumstances.

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As this is a sativa-dominant plant, growers can look forward to shorter cultivation times. There aren’t many published documents about this particular lady and outside of the confines of San Diego, you’ll be hard-pressed to find this bud anywhere. If you do happen to get your hands on some seeds, be sure to consult an expert grower to give Irene Kush all the proper love and attention she deserves.

In short, this is a perfect wake-and-bake strain. Whether you love an energetic high or you love a deep body high, you’ll definitely find something to really admire within this girl. Irene Kush is a high powered, slightly sativa-dominant strain that relieves stress, fatigue, and generally puts you in a great mood to carry out the tasks of the day.

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September 4, 2019

1Kush King

Irene OG (AKA Irene Kush) is an Hybrid OG Phenotype containing 26% THC by West Coast Trading Company. A high energy cerebral buzz followed by body calmness makes this a great Wake & Bake selection. The hard, light mossy green buds had golden undertones & trichomes with a few short amber pistils. The scent & flavor is earthy, diesel, & pine. Medicate On!!