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Calling all Kush lovers! If you’ve been looking for an incredibly potent strain to end the day with, Hellfire OG is it. No one seems to be able to peg exactly where this strain originates aside from the West Coast, but quite honestly it doesn’t really matter. Instead, most users focus on the fact that this cross between OG Kush and SFV OG Kush is a force to be reckoned with.

While her potency will vary and dip as low as 20%, many people have reported finding Hellfire OG with as much as 29% THC. It’s not too terribly surprising, given that her nugs are a mint green tone with white trichomes and tons of sticky resin. As you’d expect from a member of the Kush family, her flavors and aromas are a blend of lemon, diesel, and pine, and only tend to intensify once burned.

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As if her THC content wasn’t enough of a warning, we’ll be perfectly clear - this strain is not for beginners. Even veteran users will find that Hellfire OG’s high kicks in quickly and is incredibly intense, filling your mind with feelings of euphoria and joy. Relaxation covers you from head to toe and in this blissful state, you’ll begin to feel quite tired. For some, this strain increases arousal, but most of the time the only thing users will think about is falling asleep.

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Potent strains are a miracle for individuals who deal with chronic medical ailments, and Hellfire OG packs a punch when it comes to a host of issues. Above all else, depression and stress are soothed within minutes of taking your first hit, with long-lasting mental relief on the horizon anytime you light up. If you’re sensitive to cannabis, this strain will help you battle insomnia in no time at all, and instances of physical pain like headaches or cramps can also be addressed with this tasty bud.

Although she seems nearly indestructible, Hellfire OG is actually a fairly sensitive plant and requires a controlled climate in order to thrive. For this reason, most home cultivators prefer to raise her indoors, but keep in mind that this means plants will need constant pruning. If you can devote the time and attention this strain needs, you’ll end up with a reasonably large harvest after about 8 to 10 weeks of flowering time.

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The third time’s a charm, so here it goes again - newer users should steer clear of Hellfire OG. Even though her effects are lovely and her flavors are classic, you’re in for one heck of an experience if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. Enjoy this gal after a long day of work and get ready to be enveloped in relaxation like you’ve never felt before.

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February 1, 2024

linda brewer

I Absolutely LOVED growing this plant. I grew 2, one got HUGE and the other looked different but tasted same, and wow is it good. I will grow this plant again for sure. Nice speedy sativa. Guess we cant post photos here? I got 8 lbs on one, and 4 on the other. (One got more am sun) Cant taste any difference, but boy is this strain sweet. Smooth delicious sweet flavor. It taste sweeter than it smells, and its gooey, covered in tricomes. Does love increase Cal/Mg in bloom, but man are those buds BIG! solid, weighing in 6.5Oz untrimmed

May 19, 2021

Eve M. Goldman

Legit, %650 on fire for pain, insomnia, depression ANXIETY, PTSD, symptoms are GONE-IN-60 seconds. AWESOME. For me, I can't function without this strain during the day. The 5 stars is because it's a 2 in 1 for me, AM/PM. But, be careful as usual during the day, people WILL WONDER what's so funny. Maybe not for during the day if you've got to face your boss, lol.

January 22, 2021

Pamela Baker

New fave indica. Starts out intense then mellows

October 11, 2020


Just picked up this strain in Pennsylvania for the first time grown by Rythm. This grower does an excellent job at curing and packaging their product. The aroma of this strain is very good. The taste which is very important to me was excellent. Great early evening high, worked extremely well for my pain relief. I would recommend that you at least try this strain. Hopefully it will work as well for you as it does for me.