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Grape Stomper, also known as Sour Grapes, is a hybrid strain that leans slightly Sativa (60/40 Sativa). A cross between Purple Elephant and Chemdawg Sour Diesel, the strain regularly features THC percentages between 16 and 22 percent and a CBD count up to 1 percent. 

Grape Stomper is a craft breed, originated by independent growers and appropriated by other breeders. There are many strains out there with “grape” in the name, but Grape Stomper is one of the originals. True to its name, this strain smells like grape. The fruity aroma is subtle, not strong, which may disappoint some people. The coloring is also not quite as purple as one might expect. The trichomes get in the way of seeing the buds, which are thick with resin and have plentiful orange hairs. 

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To smell the bud better, remove it from the bag or bottle and break up the nugs. If you do, you might also get a faint waft of diesel or chemical smell, indicative of Grape Stomper’s parent. You should be able to pick out the grape smell and maybe detect some floral notes. The smoke is light, not dense, which medical users will appreciate, especially if coughing is painful.

Typical Effects


Common Usage


Like other hybrids though, after the head rush, a mellow effect settles in the body after a few minutes. People have described the high as bouncy, not the couch-locked reputation of an Indica, although Grape Stomper does have some Indica effects. People can use this strain in the morning or during the day as Grape Stomper helps you remain alert, functional, and social. 

Even though Grape Stomper works on the head with its cerebral high, novice users may get bogged down in the body melt. Therefore, due to the potency of the strain, intermediate and advanced cannabis users might be most suited to unlock the strain’s multiple personalities. 

THC Content











Not noted for its strong medical uses, people can still blunt their mild pain or other medical symptoms with this strain. People with mild anxiety or depression may enjoy this strain as will people with headaches and insomnia. Growers say that the buds on your plants should be chunky, dark green and purple with crystals. Expect the plant to grow to 3 or 4 feet high and have a high yield. Flowering generally occurs around the 72 day mark. In its true form this strain is available as a clone only. Clones can be purchased by it's breeder, Gage Green Genetics. 

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A balanced hybrid, Grape Stomper works as mild medicine. Recreational users will appreciate the cerebral effect along with a body mellowing that is good for being social. Try it just to sample the grape aroma!


September 8, 2021

Nicholas Pruitt

I got the grape Stomper from rhythm the THC is 26.93. I like it it’s very focused it’s like it’s up in the head it’s definitely cerebral. Smell wise couldn’t really honestly, but it breaks up into the most beautiful green powder. I’m enjoying it.

June 26, 2018

1 Kush King

Sativa dominate at 60 to 70%. Chunky lighter green colored buds covered in a ton of frosty crystals with amber hairs. Taste & smell was a milder sweet sour grape which made for a smoother smoke. Cerebral high at once making me happy & uplifted. Followed by nice body relaxation without the heavy/sleepy effects. Mine was Home Grown & it did get the job done but, the effects did not last long. Would buy an eighth from a dispensary if i come across it. I am STOMPing my way out of here, Peace!

October 20, 2016


The strain I medicated with was from the growers of Greenway Medical. Great strain for my headaches. I use this when I am hurting but need to get things done. No heavy feeling and not very strong. THC: 20%