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About Face on Fire

It sounds like a toking experiment gone wrong, but Face On Fire by Archive Seed Bank actually gets her name from her parents. Breeders in the Pacific Northwest crossed White Fire 43 with Face Off OG and ended up with an indica-dominant plant that definitely takes on some OG qualities. Face On Fire is ideal for evening use due to her reported sedating qualities, however, those who are bold or have a high tolerance could enjoy her in the later parts of the afternoon as well.

As if her moniker isn’t enough of a warning, Face On Fire is a potent strain that can sometimes top out at 30% THC. Her buds are truly beautiful and come in a range of colors that span from blue and purple to orange, red, and even black. Taking a page from her parents, this bud embodies super strong flavors of pine and citrus that hang in the air long after you smoke. For some, it might leave you coughing a bit, and at the very least will let everyone within a large radius know that you’re toking.

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The effects that most people enjoy after smoking Face On Fire are exactly what you’d expect from a potent indica-leaning bud - happiness, sedation, and hunger. Typically your experience will begin with a burst of euphoria that leaks into every cell in your body and while in this state, you might have the urge to giggle with those around you. Take this time to grab some food before it’s too late because most users work up quite an appetite during their high. Eventually, Face On Fire brings with her an intense feeling of relaxation that will likely lead to sleep unless your tolerance is exceptionally high.

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Those who are immersed in the home growing game typically know what’s great for personal cultivation and what’s not, which is likely the reason why seeds of Face On Fire appear to always be sold out. When you’re able to get your hands on some, consider planting this strain either inside or outdoors, and get ready to nurture medium-sized plants that mature in about 9 to 10 weeks. Reports indicate time and time again that this strain results in a very high yield.

Face On Fire doesn’t appear to be too terribly difficult to find at your local dispensary, so consider giving this gal a go the next time you’re shopping. Although her buds aren’t quite the usual shape of an OG strain, don’t let that fool you - she’s plenty potent and provides smokers with awesome effects to make any night instantly better. If you feel so inclined, try a little Face On Fire during the weekend and see if you can achieve one of the best naps you’ve had in your life.


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Recent Customer Reviews

Gina D. Still

Face on fire is my #1 Favorite of all time. If you are able to find this strain get it and you will not regret it. I felt so high from my head toy toes, like the weed back in the day when we buy it off the streets and I slept so good but I could not stop eating either. I give this strain 💯% or 10+ however you rate it you will be in heaven.