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About Face Off OG

No, we’re not talking about the Nicky Cage movie that made waves in 1997. However, the name Face Off OG was based on the feeling that this extremely potent bud provides and actually predates the film by a few years. Not much is known specifically about this strain, however many believe it to be a byproduct of two extremely hard-hitting pure indicas that will have you feeling like your face is literally coming off in a fury of tingles.

The THC content falls somewhere around 20% making it higher than average and leaning towards a long-lasting potency. It is believed to be 50-50, but most consider it an indica-dominant strain because of the heavy body buzz and cerebral stoney combo. These super-dense medicinal buds are extremely leafy and lime green in color. They are covered in red hairs and tiny white trichomes, giving a nice contrast from the dark green leaves. The flavors and aromas are not anything to write home about but are pleasant enough: earthy and woody with a nice aftertaste.

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The Face Off OG high is as you would expect: extremely tingly, very potent, and not at all for first-timers. On occasion even the most experienced of cannabis users find it to be overwhelming. This super heavy high sometimes leads to confusion and dizziness, though for the most part is typically a relaxing, calm experience. You’ll find yourself entirely couch locked within a very short span of time and the laziness that accompanies that will completely overpower any motivation you may have had going into this experience. The sleepiness sets in fairly quickly, so if you are the type to plan ahead make sure to include a pillow.

Medically, this strain is only recommended for expert level smokers. It is highly beneficial for those who suffer from insomnia due to its sedating side effects. Sufferers of chronic pain, muscle tension, headaches, and injury can enjoy the relief that this extremely strong flower provides with only a few puffs. As it is also a stimulant, some find it helpful with lack of appetite, nausea, and mood disorders such as depression, chronic stress, and mild cases of anxiety. Because this can be an overwhelming strain at times, some users find that it agitates symptoms of PTSD, extreme anxiety, and manic episodes.

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A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite

This is a clone only strain and as a result, you want to be at minimum an intermediate to advanced grower. It will flourish indoors or out and is recommended to be kept in controlled conditions. This is not a plant that likes swings in temperature or climates. Depending on who you ask it is extremely resistant to disease and mold, or it is neither of those things. Like the movie itself, Face Off OG is a bit difficult to handle.

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If you are an advanced smoker and want to try something that is the marijuana equivalent of a Nicolas Cage movie, then this is definitely a strain to try. The flavors won’t necessarily blow you away, but what it lacks in taste it makes up for in effects. If you want to add a little kick to the flavor, try it in a spiced or fruit flavored blunt wrap.

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January 12, 2023

madison sage

oh wow this strain is so so so good. very heavy and strong high. as someone who has a pretty high tolerance i need something very strong to help me sleep.....this does that and more! lots of euphoria as well.

September 10, 2022

The Diesel

I’m not an incredibly experienced smoker so I gave this one a shot last winter when I was really needing something to knock me out and right to bed. Little did I know Face Off does so much more than that, and it quickly became one of my favorites. The flavor is earthy but with a hint of floral and citrus notes (from some Limonene and Linalool in my current batch here in MO), and the effects are everything described you hear about. Maybe not literal face melting, but centered in the head and face region and then descending through the body until you are jello. If you are a person coming off painkillers and need something like a fix without actually taking pills, this would be a great choice. The high is heavy but does not usually put me to sleep immediately. The cerebral rush and painkilling effects are enough that I usually enjoy a few hours of doing non-strenuous around the house before the other terpenes (huge amounts of beta-carophyllene and myrcene) come to the party and wipe you out. A near perfect indica experience without much chance for immediate sleep? Sign me up every time.

July 4, 2022

Marvin Utterback

It's a wonderful afternoon med. It starts off with a fast head high that leads into happy giggles. The tast is of dirt and burnt leaves. Sell is strong with a thick hard hitting smoke. For sure one to try and enjoy.

May 4, 2021

Cash. A

This strain is one that you will need if you can not sleep. it helps with calming you down with a happiness like no other, but makes your face feel like its melting why you are laughing for no reason, but when you feel tired that's when you know you can get some sleep peacefully,

October 27, 2019


Face off! Exactly! I always feel the very first time you try a different strain is when you're able to feel all the effects. I smoke mostly for the medical effects, this really got my brain Buzzed, thought my face would slip. So there is a Big High. It helped my pain.. but I can't remember anything else.