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About Double Dream

Double Dream is a hybrid that rides the coattails of a well-known parent strain to achieve a great taste and balanced effects. So named because it doubles down on Blue Dream, Double Dream is a cross between Blue Dream itself and Dream Star (which is sativa-dominant cross between Blue Dream and Stardawg). The result is a fruity sativa-dominant hybrid with a mellow, balanced high that will indeed leave you dreamy. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has found flowers of Double Dream to have an average THC content of 20%.

Buds of Double Dream have a bud structure that is thick and dense, showing the influence of its indica genetics -- but its soft and fluffy leaves lean sativa and are more wispy than tightly coiled in on themselves. The flowers are light to vibrant green in color and, like Blue Dream, do not show the blue-purple hues so often associated with grandparent strain Blueberry. Orange hairs -- which are actually pistils, intended to catch pollen from male pants -- stand out against the monochromatic leaves. A silvery coating of trichomes covers the buds and renders them very sticky; this variety is very hard to break apart without a grinder. When cured properly, the most prominent scent of Double Dream is tangy blueberry. The fruity odors are undercut by some spice and funk as well. The smoke from this strain is known to be harsh when burnt with a hash-like fragrance. Exhaled, Double Dream taste sweet with some herbal notes.

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This strain is said to take hold slowly -- it may be 15 minutes before some users feel the full effects. A strong buzz moves gradually down from the head and spreads throughout the body, culminating in a comfortable meld between physical and mental relaxation. Although Double Dream leans sativa, its effect on the brain takes the form of rambling creative inspiration more so than cerebral stimulation. Thoughts may be elevated or feel particularly significant, but have a hazy, dreamlike quality that make this a great strain to enjoy during a lazy afternoon or a weekday evening. Smokers may feel open to suggestion and able to enjoy a wide range of activities.

Typical Effects

Cotton Mouth
Cotton Mouth

Common Usage

A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite

Medically speaking, Double Dream can be useful in relieving incidental aches and pains, due to injury or strenuous exercise. It has also been described an effective painkiller for inflammation due to chronic disease and nerve damage. These same narcotic properties may also have the ability to dull troubling headaches. In large enough amounts, Double Dream can induce a deep and restful sleep, aiding those who suffer from insomnia. This strain’s mental effects can also confer some medical benefits -- its mild euphoria makes it a great option for those with anxiety and mood disorders.

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Despite its famous genetics and its easy appeal, seeds of Double Dream are not commercially available. Those who wish to grow this hybrid must obtain clippings from healthy, mature plants in order to grow clones. The plants take their cues from Blue Dream. They can be grown outdoors in humid, Mediterranean-like climates, and are especially resistant to mildew. That said, this strain can also be vulnerable to some insects. Double Dream’s plants grow short and bushy with wide lateral branches, making them easy to grow indoors as well. Growers should “top” plants in the vegetative stage by trimming light-blocking fan leaves at the tops of plants in order to allow encourage growth of buds on lower branches. This variety flowers within a relatively short 8 weeks when grown indoors. Double Dream can also be pungent as it grows -- those trying to keep their grow operations discreet should invest in odor-control measures like exhaust fans or carbon air filters.

Double Dream suggests that more of a good thing isn’t always a bad thing -- the extra dose of Blue Dream in its genetics makes this a doubly tasty and relaxing smoke. Its ideal balance of mellow bodily effects and thoughtfulness can be enjoyed at any time of day. This strain’s flavor is also great to share with friends -- or with friendly strangers as an icebreaker. The surreal but functional high offered by Double Dream is a great example of what careful cannabis crossbreeding can achieve.

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June 28, 2019

Jack Riddle

Indoors, depending on the pheno, you may want to push it to 9 weeks. I am and so far it is packing on tons of weight. On day 60 and giving her about one more week. Super sticky, reeks of blueberries with a touch of fuel. Orange hairs, tons of crystals, and just an overall great strain. She likes her food

May 13, 2017

Jay cook

Very good strain for depression and pain has a really good head high along side a great body high