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Cherry Garcia is named possibly for the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor or possibly for Jerry Garcia, the Grateful Dead member that that flavor is named for. Either way, it assembles its lineage into a compact explosion of sweet, high-sugar, cherry nuttiness that would leave anyone who’s feeling down like they’ve never felt so up. It’s a combination of Animal Cookies and 3X Crazy cooked up by Ethos Genetics, or potentially an unknown breeder. From its thick-smoked pungent flavor to its sensations of creative calm, Cherry Garcia is a new favorite for a reason.

We normally offer growing tips for strains. However, Cherry Garcia seeds are not available for purchase online so growing information is scarce. What we do know is that the strain is a bit of a late bloomer, taking around 10 weeks to finish flowering, with buds that are extremely dense and coated in a frost of trichomes. Its buds are long, shaped like spades, colored like olives, and dotted with thin, bright orange hairs. It’s best grown in a greenhouse, provided you can get your hands on some seeds.

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The strain begins with its sweet, creamy flavor to attack the stress in your mind with the power of cherries. Pretty quickly, Cherry Garcia will have taken over your brain and begin to work on your stomach, progressing you from a feeling of heady creativity into a snacky bliss. You’ll be ravenous on Cherry Garcia, making it a perfect strain for people with low or suppressed appetites.

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Depression, chronic pain, and anxiety have met their match when they have to face Cherry Garcia on the battlefield of your brain. The pure care-freeness of the strain, the do-nothing happy high of it all, is one of its most attractive features. For some, the skunky smell may be less so, as will the thick, acrid smoke that comes off the burning buds – Cherry Garcia doesn’t hide in a crowded house very subtly and might be better enjoyed lounging outside.

If you suffer from headaches and stress, the 20% THC average and sweet cherry + creamy nut flavor of Cherry Garcia can help you work it out. The scent, a mix of cherry but also diesel fuel and outdoorsy pine, will be thick and pungent but still pleasant after a long day. People on this strain feel relaxed, uplifted, and creative, making it perfect for a walk outside, a day snacking and talking, or just a nice do-nothing day, with a head emptied of stress and a stomach full of cherry smoke and snacks.

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May 7, 2023


Got this strain from The Lodge in Colorado. THC is 25%. Buds are dense and cone shaped that are solid darkish green with purple tint on the edge of the flower, dark orange/brown pistils, and a heavy frosting of trichomes. The smoke itself is kinda harsh. The high, for me, was a perfect 50/50 balance, it never felt more Indica or more Sativa. The body high was very relaxing without being heavy or sedating, while the head high was very uplifting, and energetic in a way that left me fairly clear headed with mild psychedelic-like visuals. I felt completely at peace, no anxiety, raciness, or paranoia. Despite the high being extremely balanced between a Sativa and a Indica this one made me HUNGRY, like I hadn't eaten in days HUNGRY.

February 23, 2023

Greg Bass

I've read how this strain has a calming effect. Not for me. It's an energetic high that helps before a workout and also hits my stomach with the munchies quickly after. A perfect strain for bodybuilders out there or any Crohns patients looking for an appetite AND energy boost. One of my top 3 strains ever!

December 4, 2022

Jeff old

Great smoking

June 1, 2022


One of the better strains out there! Super upifting, and has a great flavor. 18.4% but got me pretty ripped.